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J.K. Rowling– Wising up to romance at last?

Earlier today, J.K. Rowling got everyone’s knickers in a twist when the news broke that, in an interview conducted by Emma Watson (the actress who played Hermione in the Harry Potter movies) for Wonderland, Rowling said that Hermione should have married Harry instead of Ron. (See the story on Hypable.) With that one statement, Rowling […]

Geeky Kink Event Schedule

Right now here’s what it looks like my schedule is for the Geeky Kink NE event this weekend! (One of the major presenters at the convention had to cancel because of a family emergency, so these times for events are still subject to change.) Saturday 2pm: Celebrity Munchausen Saturday 8pm 5pm: The Patented Cecilia Tan […]

Worldcon Day Two! (Friday)

Today I spent almost no time at the con in the daytime since that was spent on my first ever trip to Wrigley Field. Separate writeup coming to my baseball blog later about that trip. Got back to the hotel around 6pm, and the evening’s order of business was the Hogwarts Alumni Reunion party at […]

Hogwarts Alumni Party: Wiscon Rendition

Wow, that was fun, and very different from the last one of these parties I threw (at Arisia in January). This time I am at Wiscon, the Feminist Science Fiction Convention in Madison, WI. Here’s how the party went! I decorated with some fun fabrics I had at home, one which is very ravenclaw (and […]

Teaser clip from The FanFiction Documentary (with me!)

Hansi Oppenheimer posted a teaser clip of the interview she did with me this past weekend for her documentary film on fanfic. Here it is from Youtube! She’s trying to raise $1,800 to get to Ascendio in July to film interviews there, too, so if you want more info about the film, there’s lots of […]

Calligraphy: in which I engage in fanart of a sort…

So, I am not an artist. Art class was always one of my favorites in school, but I’ve never had any talent at drawing or really in transferring either what I see or what I imagine onto paper. As the de facto art director for Circlet Press over the past 20 years, I’ve become a […]

Ascendio is coming!

The programming folks for Ascendio, the Harry Potter convention in Orlando this coming July, will soon begin announcing some of the chosen programs, presentations, and panels. I have a sneak peek here of a few items in the Quill Track that I will be speaking on! Accio Books! How Digital Publishing Has Made Gatekeepers Of […]

Hogwarts Alumni Party at Arisia (i.e. Harry Potter party for grown-ups)

Guess what? I got a room in the party block at Arisia! So I will be throwing two parties. A Circlet Press book party on Friday night after the Circlet 20th Anniversary Extravaganza (panel with book giveaways, etc) 9:30p-1am, and then Saturday night: HOGWARTS ALUMNI PARTY! 9pm – 1am Saturday January 14 Arisia SF Convention […]

Have tea with me (and other guests) at Arisia!

So…. the Arisia Science Fiction Convention is less than a month away. Lots of fun is planned for it. Among other things I’m doing a panel on being a complete HARRY POTTER fandom NUT (well, that’s not what the panel is CALLED but that’s definitely what it’s about), plus I’ll be giving a Retrospective presentation […]


So, last night I got in to Pottermore finally! The email came, followed by a few hours where it kept telling me the site was too busy. THEN it showed the screen I’d seen before saying the bit about how they weren’t taking sign-ups. But that’s the screen one wants, apparently — just use the […]

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