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Should I bring books to sell/sign to Diacon Alley?

It occurs to me some folks at Diacon Alley might be interested in signed copies of some of my books. I understand the books are harder to get in the UK than the US (or at least usually more expensive) and my signature, well, you can’t get that from Amazon. :-) I won’t have a [...]

Looking for travel tips for the UK & Iceland

For those who haven’t been following my tweetstream, I’m gearing up for a trip to England for the Diacon Alley Harry Potter convention in Canterbury at University of Kent. On the way back to the US I’ll be spending two nights in Iceland. I’m gathering tips and advice from you all. Specifics below…

My Readercon schedule

My Readercon Schedule is complete! I can’t make it there Sunday so the main action is Friday/Saturday. I’ve got one juicy panel, and also I’ll be part of the Circlet Press erotic sf/f reading on Saturday night at 8pm! Yes, that puts us opposite the first part of the Kirk Poland, but I assure you, [...]

Bertrice Small at IASPR, interviewed by Sarah Frantz & the audience

One of the fun things at the IASPR conference was that the program closed with an interview with Bertrice Small. (Wikipedia, if you need it) Bertrice Small is one of the grand dames of romance, one of the original eight “Avon Ladies” who began publishing in 1978. She has been published continuously ever since, over [...]

More geeking out about romance from IASPR

If you’ve been enjoying the tempting tweets from #IASPR, I should point out that the entire conference proceedings will be published in JPRS, the Journal of Popular Romance Studies, known familiarly as “Jeepers.” Also, membership in IASPR is a mere $25 per year, so if you really want to be one of Ravenclaws of Romance, [...]

Notes from the IASPR conference: Laura Kipnis keynote

I had the pleasure and privilege to speak at the IASPR conference at NYU yesterday. IASPR=International Association for the Study of Popular Romance, or as I dubbed the group on Twitter yesterday, the Ravenclaws of Romance. Since then, I’ve been taking notes at various sessions, sometimes able to capture more of what a speaker says [...]

Bi Writers Reading in NYC this Friday (including me)

By the time this post appears I should be on my way to New York City for BookExpo America (aka BEA). If you’ll be there and want to say hi, text me! Looks like I’ll be at the show Tuesday and Wednesday if all works out with badges and such? (If you know anyone who [...]

Lesbian publishing/writing history panel at SASFEST

Women Writes Herstory May 14th, 2011 panel at Saints & Sinners Literary Festival I went to this panel and tried to transcribe as much as I can, though I had to paraphrase and leave out a lot since I can’t actually type quite fast enough to keep up with every word. So here are some [...]

Aeternitas con post #4 (wrapup)

First off, anyone who’s got photos of me from Aeternitas please send them to me or links to where they’re up! (Me having forgotten camera and all…) The “Magic Is Forever” Ball was terrific fun, as these things usually are. It’s like HP cons are full of people who remember how awful our junior proms [...]

Aeternitas con post #3 (Saturday evening)

What a great day at Aeternitas. Tarot class, quidditch, a talk on the Deathly Hallows, Professor Snape’s potions (cocktails) class, and the ball and Wrock concert still to come. (The Remus Lupins are still my fave.) First I taught my Tarot class. It was packed! Very nicely attended. I was a bit slow-headed still so [...]

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