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Come see me in NYC this Friday!

I’m coming to New York City Friday to read in the Between the Covers erotic romance reading series! 7pm – 10pm, at Happy Endings Lounge (302 Broome Street, NYC) Admission is free and the cocktails are plentiful. This particular reading night is for the release of ENTWINED, the “choose your own” erotic romance I was [...]

Worldcon Day Two! (Friday)

Today I spent almost no time at the con in the daytime since that was spent on my first ever trip to Wrigley Field. Separate writeup coming to my baseball blog later about that trip. Got back to the hotel around 6pm, and the evening’s order of business was the Hogwarts Alumni Reunion party at [...]

Worldcon Day One! (Thursday) Chicon 2012

Worldcon Day One! (Thursday) We actually arrived here Wednesday, but fairly late at night, so didn’t do anything but go up to the room and not emerge until this morning. Today, however was non-stop action! (As cons like this often are.) Included in this post: recommendations of GLBT-inclusive sf/f books & media. But it’s at [...]

Hogwarts Alumni Party: Wiscon Rendition

Wow, that was fun, and very different from the last one of these parties I threw (at Arisia in January). This time I am at Wiscon, the Feminist Science Fiction Convention in Madison, WI. Here’s how the party went! I decorated with some fun fabrics I had at home, one which is very ravenclaw (and [...]

Creative people panel, ahoy

I’m going to be on a panel of creative folk speaking on the subject of “Tales from the Net: Making A Living as a Creative Person” at the Mass Pirate Party Conference! We’re looking for one or two more panelists, so if you know a musician or webcomic artist in the Boston area who might [...]

Ascendio is coming!

The programming folks for Ascendio, the Harry Potter convention in Orlando this coming July, will soon begin announcing some of the chosen programs, presentations, and panels. I have a sneak peek here of a few items in the Quill Track that I will be speaking on! Accio Books! How Digital Publishing Has Made Gatekeepers Of [...]

Have tea with me (and other guests) at Arisia!

So…. the Arisia Science Fiction Convention is less than a month away. Lots of fun is planned for it. Among other things I’m doing a panel on being a complete HARRY POTTER fandom NUT (well, that’s not what the panel is CALLED but that’s definitely what it’s about), plus I’ll be giving a Retrospective presentation [...]

Diacon Alley Diary #1

Bah, NeoOffice just crashed and ate a long journal entry I wrote in Keflavic airport. Short version: Icelandic apricot yogurt is really yummy. I’m meeting Francie in a few hours and we’re taking the train from London to Canterbury. More later. OK, I’m jetlagged and not at my most coherent, but here’s a bit more [...]

Should I bring books to sell/sign to Diacon Alley?

It occurs to me some folks at Diacon Alley might be interested in signed copies of some of my books. I understand the books are harder to get in the UK than the US (or at least usually more expensive) and my signature, well, you can’t get that from Amazon. :-) I won’t have a [...]

Looking for travel tips for the UK & Iceland

For those who haven’t been following my tweetstream, I’m gearing up for a trip to England for the Diacon Alley Harry Potter convention in Canterbury at University of Kent. On the way back to the US I’ll be spending two nights in Iceland. I’m gathering tips and advice from you all. Specifics below…

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