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Chatting tonight! 6:30 pm to 8:30 eastern US time on uStream!

All righty! The online chat to celebrate the release of Slow Surrender is tonight!

(To submit a question for me to answer in the chat, either email it to ctan.writer at gmail dot com, or leave it in comments!)

My plan is still to run simultaneous feeds to Google Hangout (YouTube) and uStream, though today I had trouble getting a test of Google hangout to run… We’ll do whatever we can. Ustream is a definite–I can run it off my phone if necessary!

I’ll read some hot snippets from Slow Surrender, talk about what life is like for a BDSM romance writer in a post-50-Shades world, and maybe even read some exclusive content never before published…? Tune in and join the party!

My uStream channel is: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cecilia-tan

The words I used most in SLOW SURRENDER

Interesting to see that the word “clit” appears way more than “cock” eh?

Below is a screenshot taken from the Google Books page for my new BDSM romance, Slow Surrender, which shows the most commonly used words in it!

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Night Owl Reviews gave SLOW SURRENDER 5 Stars!

“I loved, loved Slow Surrender and am waiting on pins and needles for book two, Slow Seduction to come out.” Yay! So says Sandiebuck over at Night Owl Reviews, who not only gave Slow Surrender 5 stars, she made it a Reviewer Top Pick!

“This was another brilliant outing from Cecilia Tan,” she writes. “As usual, her characters are full of life and emotion, and so believable. Definitely a keeper!!!”

Help Slow Surrender succeed and get a reward

This is it! SLOW SURRENDER launches today in paperback! Yeahhhh!!!

So, I started doing this when the ebook came out, and I’m going to keep it up until September 1st! Basically, help me spread the word about the book Slow Surrender, and I’ll reward you with a special erotic bonus scene from James’s point of view.

In fact, James wouldn’t settle for merely describing a sex scene. He wrote a whole treatise on the nature of sex and desire. It’s a nine-page ebook, “James on THE ART OF LOVE,” which I have as PDF, epub, or mobi.

How do you get the bonus ebook? Trade me a screencap or photo of any of the following by emailing it to ctan.writer @ gmail.com, and let me know which format you want (PDF/mobi/epub) and I’ll email you back the file!

All the following are valid in trade:
* screencap of your review of the book on Goodreads or Amazon
* screencap of your review or recommendation of the book to your friends on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, or any other social network, really!
* photo of the paperback on sale in your local bookstore (or Target!)
* photo of your copy of the paperback with your cat or other pet
* photo of yourself with the book wearing pearls! (either you or the book can be wearing the pearls…)

(Sample “book and pearls selfie”…)

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Slow Surrender paperback launch chat this Thursday! Details…

This week the paperback edition of SLOW SURRENDER finally is officially released! To celebrate the event of my first major fiction paperback from a major publisher since the 1990s, please join me online for a chat!

To submit a question for me to answer in the chat, either email it to ctan.writer at gmail dot com, or leave it in comments!

If you want to be sure you’re looped into the live Google hangout, or if you’re in the Boston area and would like to come be in the “studio audience” (at my office) during the event, please drop me a message! The cats and I would love to have some people here while I vamp and take questions.

My plan is to run simultaneous feeds to Google Hangout (YouTube) and uStream! I’ll read some hot snippets from the book, talk about what life is like for a BDSM romance writer in a post-50-Shades world, and maybe even read some exclusive content never before published…? Tune in and join the party!

My uStream channel is: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cecilia-tan

On Google+ I am ctan.writer.

RSVP to the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/469443179818382



C.C. Gibbs talks romance, doms, and ALL HE WANTS

CC Gibbs interviewed by Cecilia Tan

I really enjoyed the steamy relationship between Kate and Dominic in the recent book ALL HE WANTS. I found it reminiscent at first of one of my favorite books from last year, BARED TO YOU by Sylvia Day, in that Dominic is a yes, dominating, no-nonsense uber-CEO type who frankly expresses his attraction to the heroine. Unlike BARED TO YOU, though, which doesn’t go explicitly into the world of BDSM, ALL HE WANTS most deliciously teases that edge. Which of course made me curious to ask the author, CC Gibbs, all kinds of questions.

1. We know right from the get-go that Dominic is an experienced BDSM player… Continue reading →


If I did this right then off to the right you should see a popup window of fun. :-)

RT Book Reviews loved SLOW SURRENDER!

Whew yes!! One of the most important review magazines for romance novels just reviewed SLOW SURRENDER and loved it! In the August issue of Romantic Times/RT Book Reviews, it says:

“This is the BDSM novel all the other millionaire Dom heroes want to star in.”

Also: “Tan takes an overused trope and turns it into a dreamy, erotic fantasy that draws the reader down the rabbit hole along with Karina. The sex scenes are lush and erotic without attempting to outdo the last BDSM novel out there, and James’ struggle to trust Karina enough to give up even an iota of his rigid control is palpable. Readers will be clamoring for the next book in the series.”

I’m amused to note that RT has a star rating system, but they don’t have a 5 star level. 1, 2, 3, 4, and two different 4 1/2 star ratings, one that’s just 4 1/2 stars, one that’s 4 1/2 “Gold.” Okay then! SLOW SURRENDER got 4 1/2 stars! (But not gold. This month that honor went to Tiffany Reisz for The Mistress. Can’t wait to read it, but I’m still in the middle of The Siren, which I haven’t had time to read because I’ve been writing Slow Satisfaction! Pleasure reading has had to wait.)

SLOW SURRENDER officially comes out in paperback on August 5! (Ebook available now, though, if you can’t wait.)

Writing news, cons, free books, health stuff, general life update…

Whew. It’s been a busy year so far, but the good news is that health-wise I am really starting to bounce back. tl:dr, last year I was severely anemic, was finally diagnosed in November, by December my iron levels were back up but I still have occasional crashes. This month is the first time I’ve really felt mostly like myself in close to two years!

Having more energy means I’m keeping up with my writing commitments better. I’m in the middle of writing the third book in a BDSM billionaire romance trilogy for Hachette/Grand Central Publishing/Forever, the Struck by Lightning trilogy. The first book, Slow Surrender, is out in ebook now and the paperback comes August 5th!

Speaking of which, there’s a Goodreads giveaway for the book going on right now. If you’re on Goodreads, check it out here: http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/55415-slow-surrender

They’re giving away 10 copies of the book.

Meanwhile, I’m writing book 3, Slow Satisfaction Continue reading →

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