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Organizing blog tour/promo for Slow Seduction

Book 2 in my BDSM romance trilogy, Slow Seduction, comes out on January 28th in ebook, paperback, and audiobook all at once. I’m booking guest blog appearances, podcasts, & related promo to run from Jan 29th until Valentine’s Day. If you’ve got a blog that reaches romance readers, BDSM enthusiasts, erotic book lovers, kinky folk, etc… please let me know if you want to grab one of the dates below to run a Q&A with me, review the book, or run a short guest blog entry written by me (limited number of those available). I’ll fill in the dates below first come first serve. Continue reading →

Call for Nominations: NLA Writing Awards, 2013 publications

As a past winner and a multiple time judge of the following, I thought I’d share the press release with everyone from NLA International about the current round of writing awards, for books, stories, and articles published in 2013. The deadline for nominations is January 31st 2014, and the awards are usually given out at Tribal Fire or another NLA-hosted leather/BDSM conference. Here’s the official announcement:


Nominations may be sent to the contact email at nlai.awards@gmail.com

(Columbus, OH) — NLA-International, a leading organization for activists in the pansexual leather community, is now accepting nominations for its annual writing awards for excellence in SM/leather/fetish writing for books, articles, novels, and short fiction first published between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013. The deadline for nominations is 31 January 2014. The finalists will be announced in March. The winners will be announced at the National Leather Association’s Annual General Meeting. The five award categories are:

Non-Fiction Book (Geoff Mains Award)
Non-Fiction Article (Cynthia Slater Award)
Novel (Pauline Reage Award)
Short Fiction (John Preston Award)
Anthology (Samois Award)

Eligibility for all awards (short fiction, novel, non-fiction book, non-fiction article, and anthology) requires first time publication of writing in the 2013 calendar year. If you or someone you know has published a book, article, or story dealing with any aspect of SM, leather, fetish, or kink sexuality please consider nominating it for one of the above awards. Continue reading →

Duck Day 2013 recap, recipes and photos

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s Duck Day festivities, including recipes, photos, and whatever else I think to include.

Relevant to those new to this blog: corwin has been celebrating “Duck Day” (Thanksgiving) ever since he went to college (M.I.T.) in 1986 and he and his friend Scliff cooked duck instead of turkey because corwin likes duck much better than turkey. Over the decades the meal has evolved along with corwin’s culinary skill. I entered the picture in 1992. In the past 10 years especially the complexity (and execution) of the meal has really ramped up as we keep challenging ourselves, reading books, eating at some of the best restaurants in the world (see previous blog posts about our recent trip to Barcelona…), and studying molecular gastronomy and Science and Cooking.

So, this year with the coincidence of Thanksgiving and Chanukah, I suggested our theme could be Festivals of Lights of various cultures, and we ended up going with: Lantern Festival (China), Festival of Merce (Barcelona), Diwali (India), Thanksgiving (USA), Chanukah (All of Jewdom), Yule (Northern Europe and other cold places).
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Presenting the 2013 Duck Day Menu

So if you’ve been following my Twitter feed you’ve been seeing days and days of prep cooking for our Thanksgiving extravaganza, the annual event corwin long ago named DUCK DAY and which continues every year. We make duck not turkey. This year, because of Chanukah we decided each course should be themed to a separate Festival of Lights of some kind or other winter holiday. So we have the Lantern Festival (China), Festival of Merce (Barcelona), Diwali (India), Thanksgiving (USA), Chanukah (All of Jewdom), Yule (Norther Europe and other cold places).

Menu below the cut! Check my Instagram or Twitter feeds for photos all evening long, and the hashtag is #duckday



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Protected: Boys in the Band Blog Tour!

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Slow Surrender Audiobook!

If all went right at Tantor Media, the audiobook of Slow Surrender should be launching today everywhere! It’s available in MP3 format or on CDs, and libraries can get it, too. I think it should be for sale most places audiobooks are sold, including Barnes & Noble .com and Amazon, and here’s a link to where you can get it direct from Tantor Media, where it’s 20% off.

I haven’t heard it yet myself, so please let me know what you think! They hired a professional voice actress named Lucy Rivers to do the narration so I’m sure it’s sweet!

My rant on rape porn, social justice, and misogyny in Garth Ennis THE BOYS

So, this blog post is motivated by my recent reading of Garth Ennis’s THE BOYS Vol. 1: The Name of the Game (graphic novel, compiling issues 1-6 of the comic book), and something crystallizing that writer Hal Duncan said on Twitter regarding his “subtextual beef with certain noir/horror misery porn, e.g. Sin City. Just chanced on: Degeneracy Theory.”

Yes, that was the tweet that crystallized a bunch of stuff in my head, not only about why I have been gnawing at what seems “wrong” with THE BOYS for days now, but about the general rising level of discontent I’ve been having with my media consumption these days, swept along in the firehose of both fandom enthusiasms and social justice rants that is social media. (Tumblr in particular, but Twitter, LJ, and other places, too.) Continue reading →

Barcelona trip Day Six (St. Pau de Mar, Figueres, Girona)

Swimming in the Mediterranean
Picnic Lunch
Dali Museum in Figueres
Drive to Girona

A couple of observations about Spanish hotels. Every hotel we’ve been in other than the Travelodge which was bare bones has had exactly three closets, two for hanging clothes and one with drawers in it, a desk with flatscreen TV (which we’ve never turned on), and an ass-washing station in the bathroom. It’s remarkable uniformity across several price levels, cities, and types of accommodation. Also, there are no washcloths in this country. I wouldn’t have even noticed this but corwin uses one and he finds it annoying. Fortunately, there is often a small towel provided for the ass-washing station, and he’s been using that. Continue reading →

Sagrada Familia Photos (a few of them)

Here are a few photos from our trip to Sagrada Familia. I took over a hundred, but here are about a dozen.
Under the cut:
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Barcelona Day Five (Cardona to St. Pau de Mar)


We started the day today in Cardona with the traditional huge Parador breakfast buffet. I also had another long hot bath upon waking up while corwin and Kate were still asleep. Third bath of the trip. My muscles are really sore from all the walking and walking and walking so the hot baths have really helped that. Plus, hey, nothing says “I’m on vacation!” better than spending an hour doing nothing but… nothing.

I thought maybe today would be the first break in our string of perfectly sunny days, because when we woke up it was completely overcast, foggy, and misty. But it being the mountains, as soon as the sun hit its peak around noon the fog burned off and left us with a completely blue sky. It’s been absolutely perfect every day so far. Continue reading →

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