Launch Pad Diary #4: Photos

Our schedule has been so packed I didn’t have time to blog yesterday, so here’s some photos instead! Dorms, geeks, telescopes, and spectroscopy!

From Launch Pad 2010 photos

Me at the small telescope on the physical science building on campus.

From Launch Pad 2010 photos

Sunset over Laramie from the roof.

From Launch Pad 2010 photos

Bud Sparhawk, David J. Williams, and John Joseph Adams doing spectrometry on a neon tube.

From Launch Pad 2010 photos

The spectral fingerprint of one of the elements (helium? Can’t remember and left notes back in the dorm…) as seen through the diffraction grating.

From Launch Pad 2010 photos

My glamorous dorm room.

There are many more photos here:

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