The Prince’s Boy special story! Want to read Sergetten’s Tale?

So, volume 2 of the ebook/paperback (and also the complete hardcover) include a special bonus story called Sergetten’s Tale. I know some readers aren’t flush with cash and can’t pay for it right now, but really want to read the story. So here’s a way you can, and help out The Prince’s Boy at the same time.

Do any of the following things and then email me about them with a link:
1)Post a nice review at Amazon.com
2) Post a nice review at Goodreads
3) Post a fic rec in your own blog or fanfic journal, linking people to chapter one.

Email me at ctan.circletpress@gmail.com with a link to your post or letting me know where to find it, and I’ll email you back a copy of Sergetten’s Tale in thanks.

In fact, I’ll email it right away! You’ll get to read it first, before anyone else! :-)

(I’ll re-post this during the week so that folks who went away from the Internet for the Memorial Day weekend can have a chance, too…)

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