Here’s my attempt at an archive of where I’ve been interviewed, reviewed, where I’m quoted, where I’ve appeared in audio/video, and where I’ve written op. ed. pieces or guestblogs. This is just a fraction, though, really.


Forbes, 2/10/17 “Fifty Shades of Green: How Fanfiction Went from Dirty Secret to Money Machine” by Hayley Cuccinello
–I’m extensively quoted in this article about how fanfic has made the jump to the big time and how romance, erotica, and women’s desires in fiction are largely ignored by the mainstream…even when they earn millions of dollars.

Annie’s Book Stop, author profile and interview, 8/1/2016

Romance Beat, 1/28/2016

USA Today, Happy Ever After, 1/26/2016 Interview by Joyce Lamb

Bawdy Bookworms, 1/26/2016, mostly talking about my book Taking the Lead

Gay Book Reviews, Interview, 11/1/2015

Joyfully Reviewed, interview, 9/16/2015, mostly about my book The Poet & the Prophecy

The Writer’s Life e-magazine, 9/2/2014, interview

Festivale Online Magazine, “The Usual Questions,” 8/31/2014

Harry Big Bang, 7/10/014, “Original Fiction Author Series,” an interview as a feature at a Harry Potter slash fanfic community, talking a lot about writing process

Wonk-o-mance, interview by Audra North, 1/2/8/2014

Buzzy Magazine, 12/10/2013, interviewed by Jean Marie Ward, interview by Moonlight, mostly about vampires, 3/31/2010

Sensuous Sadie, Scene Profiles, 2/6/2004

Strange Horizons, 10/23/2000, interviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj

Interviewed by other writers on their blogs:

Characters on the Couch, 8/6/2015, my character Ziggy from Daron’s Guitar Chronicles is profiled by psychologist and writer Cecilia Dominic

Characters on the Couch, 7/9/2015, my character Timothy Frost from Magic University is profiled by psychologist and writer Cecilia Dominic

Interviewed by Elizabeth SaFleur, 4/17/2015

Interviewed by Gray Dixon, 1/23/2015

Interviewed by Silk Jones, 1/21/2015

Interviewed by Laura Roberts, 8/28/2014

Interviewed by Ruthie Knox, 6/9/2014

Interviewed by Michael Ventrella, 5/4/2010

Quoted in Articles:

Attleboro Sun-Chronicle/Associated Press, “Fetish Fair is Toned Down” by Lisa Lipman, 7/24/2000

Cosmopolitan, I’m quoted in an article about how women like reading gay erotica. Trying to find it now…


Fansplaining podcast, 4/20/2016, hosted by Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel
Listen or read a transcript with me talking about sports fandom and the parallels between baseball fandom and sf/fantasy fandom.

The Skiffy and Fanty Podcast, 5/22/2014
–me and Mary Anne Mohanraj talk about erotica, science fiction, and more.

(Buzzy Magazine, video interview with me at Balticon)

(RT Roundtable: Live video chat interview with me and author Tara Sue Me)

Op Eds and Guest Blogs:

Huffington Post, “Why I Write Bisexual Romance,” 10/8/2015

Queer Romance Month, “On Bisexual“, 10/30/2014

Lambda Literary Review, A Look at Bisexuality in Science Fiction, 1/18/2015

Night Owl Reviews: “Cracking an Icy Heart,” 1/28/2016

Under the Covers Book Blog “Last Book That Kept You Up All Night?” 1/28/2016

Fresh Fiction: “Sex Has to Mean Something,” 1/27/2016

Ever After Romance: “Leading a Double Life,” on how some readers are shamed for reading romance, 1/28/2016

Consent is Sexy,” guest blog at Jana Richards’ blog

Digital Book World, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ebook Piracy,” 5/23/2011

IO9, An Introduction to the World of Harry Potter Fanfiction, 11/17/2010

IO9, Five Scientific Facts Science Fiction Always Gets Wrong, 7/20/2010

IO9, Five Best Discoveries in Astronomy of the Past 20 Years, 7/19/2010

Some of the many reviews of my books:

(I’m not linking them all. It’s hundreds. Here are some faves.)

IO9, This erotica book might actually be the year’s most dangerous science fiction anthology, review of anthology FANTASTIC EROTICA, edited by Cecilia Tan, 12/18/2012

Publishers Weekly, starred review of Hard Rhythm
Publishers Weekly, starred review of Wild Licks
Publishers Weekly, starred review of Taking the Lead

Publishers Weekly on The 50 Greatest Yankees Games

Bustle, “Ten Romance Novels for Steamy Afternoons” on WILD LICKS

Heroes & Heartbreakers, “Erotic Romance Best Bets, July 2016” on WILD LICKS