My Worldcon Schedule! And tea party.

I’m going to be doing a heap of panels, two formal autograph sessions, and I’m throwing a Circlet Press Tea Party with special guest, Laura Antoniou. All the details, in chronological order: Ordinary People Format: Panel 16 Aug 2018, Thursday 4pm, 210F (San Jose Convention Center) with Cecilia Tan (M), Nick Mamatas, Christine Taylor-Butler, Rosemary…

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They say politics makes strange bedfellows? Bigfoot Erotica & the VA Congressional Race

Reporters looking for hot takes about bigfoot erotica keep reaching me on email and twitter, because of what happened on social media over the weekend regarding two candidates in a race for a Virginia congressional seat. Short version: the democrat, Leslie Cockburn (I am not making these names up, I swear) accused the republican, Denver…

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