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I am the guest blogger today over at Love Romance Passion! I wrote an article about the difference between erotica and romance, and how as the readership has changed to be more sexually active and sex-savvy, romance as a whole has had to get more erotic. http://www.loveromancepassion.com/erotic-romance-not-just-erotica-and-romance/ Being all Ravenclaw like I am, I couldn’t…

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My vacation writeup as sociology, tech, and book review essay!

Disney and How Alternate Reality, Technology, and Sociology Shape Experience

On second leg of flight home from Orlando now. Slept through snack service both times. Thanks to our status as Disney hotel guests, we were at the park until 3 AM last night during Extra Magic Hours. Which means I slept not quite four hours last night and total unconsciousness against the bulkhead of the plane has been inevitable.

Returning from Disney to Real Life invokes a kind of culture shock that was first obvious to me at the Dulles airport while we waited to change planes. I went into a restroom that was less than pristine and thought “what the hell happened here?” To be fair, for an airport restroom, it was quite acceptable. But compared to what we were just used to, a few flushes not working and some stray paper on the floor just seemed shocking.

For the pedants out there, we were at Walt Disney World in Florida, but I’ll just refer to it as “Disney” for the rest of this entry. After all, although each park in the Disney family has its own flavor and uniqueness, they are all part of a continuum as an Alternate Reality, even though not geographically contiguous, and many of the statements I’ll make can be generalized beyond just WDW or the Magic Kingdom in specific, to the other parks that are part of WDW and other Disney parks around the world.

The status of Disney as an Alternate Reality was only emphasized by the ebook I decided to download to my iPhone to read while waiting in line. I chose a book that has had a nice life in print as well as in e-format, Down and Out In The Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow.

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THE HOT STREAK, now published!

My latest erotic romance novel, THE HOT STREAK is now available from Ravenous Romance!

It’s not yet live on Fictionwise or the Kindle Store, but I’ll post again when it is. Right now it can be bought directly from Ravenous as PDF, .prc (Kindle compatible), and Epub formats (compatible with lots of devices and software readers).

THE HOT STREAK is the first book to really combine my passions for erotica and baseball in one book. You don’t have to know anything about baseball, though, to enjoy this book. Our heroine, Casey Branigan, doesn’t know much beyond “three strikes, you’re out” when she meets a major league pitcher named Tyler Hammond at a photo shoot.

As the marketing pitch goes: “As a manager in a big Boston design firm, Casey’s life has become lackluster – but her affair with Tyler promises to change that. Quickly caught up in the whirlwind that surrounds celebrity athletes, Casey travels all over the country to watch Tyler pitch. The sex is breathtaking and Casey loves the lifestyle fame and fortune affords. Tyler is on a winning streak, and he thinks Casey is the reason why. But Casey must decide for herself whether this is just a summer fling. Or is Casey starting a hot streak of her own?”

Buy it at Ravenous: here!

Meanwhile, I noticed my baseball-themed erotic short story, Baseball Blues, is still up for free download. So if you want a taste of things, check it out here.

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My novel featured today!

MIND GAMES, my erotic paranormal romance novel, is today’s featured book at Ravenous Romance! There will be a print edition following soon, but for now, it’s in ebook format only.

It can be gotten a couple of ways:

From Ravenous Romance — they sell in PDF, .prc (for Kindle), & .epub (Sony Reader and others) formats

From Fictionwise — who sell in every ebook format known to man.

From the Amazon Kindle Store

Here’s the “back cover” copy, which I wrote myself. Um, I promise I’m better at writing novels than I am at writing copy: (click title to read more)

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