THE HOT STREAK, now published!

My latest erotic romance novel, THE HOT STREAK is now available from Ravenous Romance!

It’s not yet live on Fictionwise or the Kindle Store, but I’ll post again when it is. Right now it can be bought directly from Ravenous as PDF, .prc (Kindle compatible), and Epub formats (compatible with lots of devices and software readers).

THE HOT STREAK is the first book to really combine my passions for erotica and baseball in one book. You don’t have to know anything about baseball, though, to enjoy this book. Our heroine, Casey Branigan, doesn’t know much beyond “three strikes, you’re out” when she meets a major league pitcher named Tyler Hammond at a photo shoot.

As the marketing pitch goes: “As a manager in a big Boston design firm, Casey’s life has become lackluster – but her affair with Tyler promises to change that. Quickly caught up in the whirlwind that surrounds celebrity athletes, Casey travels all over the country to watch Tyler pitch. The sex is breathtaking and Casey loves the lifestyle fame and fortune affords. Tyler is on a winning streak, and he thinks Casey is the reason why. But Casey must decide for herself whether this is just a summer fling. Or is Casey starting a hot streak of her own?”

Buy it at Ravenous: here!

Meanwhile, I noticed my baseball-themed erotic short story, Baseball Blues, is still up for free download. So if you want a taste of things, check it out here.

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My novel featured today!

MIND GAMES, my erotic paranormal romance novel, is today’s featured book at Ravenous Romance! There will be a print edition following soon, but for now, it’s in ebook format only.

It can be gotten a couple of ways:

From Ravenous Romance — they sell in PDF, .prc (for Kindle), & .epub (Sony Reader and others) formats

From Fictionwise — who sell in every ebook format known to man.

From the Amazon Kindle Store

Here’s the “back cover” copy, which I wrote myself. Um, I promise I’m better at writing novels than I am at writing copy: (click title to read more)

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Mind Games, sample chapter

Hello friends and loved ones! For your reading pleasure, chapter one of MIND GAMES, the paranormal erotic romance I wrote that went live yesterday on the Ravenous Romance site!


“Come on, Wren, I know you’re in there!”

Wren Delacourt hugged the pillow over her ears, but there was no chance that Lawrence was going to go away. She’d told him to come by at noon just last night, and he’d seen her go into her unit in the condo, and if she didn’t get up soon, he was going to start to worry that something terrible had happened to her…

No. Best not to think about that sort of thing. “I’m coming…” she called, but weakly. No way he’d hear that through her bedroom door and across the kitchen. She had to face facts. She had to sit up, then stand up, then open the door. She felt on the floor for her bathrobe.

Halfway to the door, she had to stop and put her hands to her eyes. The world seemed too hot today. Not the actual temperature, which was pleasant enough, but it was as if something electrical were pricking at her, about to overheat like a transformer.

Or maybe it was just a hangover. She pulled open the door and saw Lawrence’s face fall.

“Oh my God, are you all right?” he blurted.

She must have looked a fright; Lawrence was never tactless. She leaned on the doorframe. “Do I have raccoon eyes?” she asked, examining her palms for mascara smudges.

“You do,” he said, pushing her gently into the apartment, “if a raccoon were run over by a school bus three or four times.” He was carrying a paper bag and a wonderful smell was coming from it. “Go on, now, why don’t you get washed up and I’ll squeeze some oranges.”

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