Silk Threads

If you’ve heard any of the three of us [Midori, Laura Antoniou, Cecilia Tan] talk about collaborating on a “secret project”… it is now LIVE!! Through November 12th!

SILK THREADS is a book we wrote together and are self-publishing via Kickstarter.


What Is Silk Threads?

Silk Threads is a labor of love, a book that intertwines three erotic novellas, each a passionate fantasy of Japan. Laura Antoniou writes in the feudal warrior past, Midori in the fabulist magical present, and Cecilia Tan in the cyberpunk future. All three of us, of course, are known for our writing on BDSM and sexuality, so a common thread of bondage as well as magic weaves through all three stories.

You’re self-publishing it?

We danced the dance with some of the biggest romance and erotica publishers in existence, but in the end we decided we’d do a better job of staying true to the book and to our readers if we did it ourselves. So we’ve chosen to launch the book with a Kickstarter in October/November this year.

How can I help?

You can chip in to the campaign, of course, where the book in digital or paperback form is being offered as a reward, but there are also some really cool perks to be had! But if you can’t chip in, the biggest thing you can do is share the link to the campaign with everyone you know! Anyone who likes:

  • fantasy
  • science fiction
  • erotica
  • romance
  • Japan
  • samurai
  • cyberpunk
  • rope bondage
  • good fiction

Share the link: http://kck.st/2RPdiQa

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