Balticon here I come! (I hope…)

Oh dear. Turns out I don’t have a room at Balticon after all. Anyone out there have crash space for a non-smoking, non-snoring night owl? (Most of my programming is late at night so I’ll be coming and going after midnight every night.)
Related but separate question: anyone have a room to lend for a Circlet Press party on Friday evening?
My schedule as it currently stands:
10 pm Saturday The History of Circlet Press Multimedia Extravaganza Lecture and Bingo Game
–A reprise of the talk I gave at Worldcon, which recaps 21 years of Circlet Press, the evolution of small press and erotic science fiction over that time period, and so on. Since history is boring, it is also an option Bingo Game, and those who get a complete bingo will win a free book on the spot! (Or the ebook of their choice if no longer collecting paper books.)
11 pm Saturday The Patented Cecilia Tan Erotic Sf/Fantasy Reading
–As I do at Arisia and other cons, my goal will be to read enticing examples of my erotic sf/fantasy short stories with the goal of getting everyone in the audience hot and bothered, and hopefully even laid. (I consider the reading a failure if at least one person doesn’t come up to me later to thank me for what mind-blowing sex they had afterward.)
I may yet be added to an editing panel and another adult topics panel, but we shall see.

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