Interviewed at Romance Beat

Some quotes from the interview I did with Romance Beat last week!
“I’m so happy that “50 Shades” busted open that door [to the mainstream reading about BDSM], but honestly, I felt it wasn’t as kinky a book as people were expecting it to be, given all they had heard. I wanted to deliver a book that would get more and more kinky as the couple fell more deeply in love, rather than the other way around.”
I hope that people who are into BDSM in real life will read [Slow Surrender] and think not only ‘wow, that was hot’ but that it was realistic. And I hope people who haven’t tried BDSM in real life will think not only ‘wow, that was hot’ but that BDSM can be one of the most romantic forms of sexual expression there is.”
Click here to read the whole interview.
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