My Sally Field Moment

Okay, I just screamed with joy when I read this. It’s not my first book, but MIND GAMES is my first romance novel, and it’s the first review of it!!
So I just jumped up and down and made everyone in my office stare at me when the following rave review came from YOU GOTTA READ:
Rating: You Need To Read
Reviewed by: Laura
“Prepare yourself to be blown away. Reading this book will draw you into a world of telepathy and mental control that will change any prior beliefs you had in such abilities. Wren and Derek are a couple that are aligned in ways that are unheard of. To say they clicked is an understatement. The plot is suspenseful and gripping. The reader is taken along a path with twists and turns and unexpected events that lead to a stunning conclusion. Ms. Tan weaves a wonderful story of love, risk and leaps of faith that are unparalleled in the world of romantic suspense.”
This is a nice boost for me today when I just hit the halfway point in writing my next romance novel and could use a little energy to carry me down the hill of the second half!

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