Barcelona Trip select pic spam – best photos

I’m writing this from the Parador de Cardona, which is a castle, and Kate cannot get over the fact that we are IN A CASTLE. Yes, it’s fun, and the whole reason we took this leg of the trip. 🙂 (Because Kate wanted to stay in a castle. Not because we knew how cute she’d be about being in a castle.)
The wifi here seems a little better and less saggy than in the city, so I’ll try uploading a few of the best photos from the trip so far. Under the fold:

I had 15 minutes of Free WIFI in Charles DeGaulle Airport and I used it to Instagram a macaroon.

Our super cute modern room at the Travelodge. I slept on the skinny little bed in the corner. Finding hotel rooms in Spain that sleep three people was quite a challenge.

The view from our Travelodge window, Sagrada Familia on the left, the Agbar Tower on the right.

Cinematographers call this a "god ray." Gee, I wonder why. Catedral in the old city.

Razor clams ready for eating at the Mercat de la Boqueria. Most delicious clams ever.

Kate eating from the plate of assorted grilled mushrooms we got at Mercat de la Boqueria. Nom nom nom.

The shop on La Rambla of confectionary genius Christian Escribá.

The confection known as "La Rambla," with ganache so glossy you can see your reflection in it!

The Gaudi sea creature tiles outside Casa Batlló.

Another version of the Gaudi tiles, by the Metro.

Casa Battló! Will post more from the interior later.
The open kitchen at Roca Moo.

I’ll have to post photos of Sagrada Familia, the interior of Casa Battlo, and other stuff later. Must get to breakfast now before it closes at the Parador!

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