My schedule for the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans!

Okay, here’s the rundown on the events I’ll be doing at RT this year (May 13-18):
Wed. May 14: 2:30pm Club RT — casual meet readers
Wed. May 14: 7-10pm Welcome Parade & Dinner — my publisher Forever/GCP/Hachette is a sponsor
Thu. May 15: 1:15pm Forever Publisher Spotlight
Thu. May 15: 3:15pm Club RT — casual meet readers
Fri. May 16: 4-6pm RT Reviewers Choice Awards
Sat. May 17: 11a-2p Giant Book Fair
Details under the cut:
Wed. May 14: 2:30-3:00 pm Club RT
So what’s Club RT? To quote the RT website: “Come by Club RT and meet your favorite author in a relaxed, informal setting. We’re sure you have several burning questions, and no doubt the authors would love to hear your points of view.” It looks like each group of designated authors has a stint of 30 minutes before the next group rotates in? (It’s my first time doing it so I am still learning how it all works!)
Wed. May 14: 7-10pm Welcome Parade & Dinner
My publisher Forever/GCP/Hachette is one of the sponsors for this big event at Mardi Gras World. They mentioned something about being in the parade and throwing beads? Sounds like fun!
Thu. May 15: 1:15pm-1:45pm Forever Publisher Spotlight
I don’t think I’m actually appearing in this segment, but perhaps my books are. Forever will be promoting their upcoming titles, and my novel Slow Satisfaction, the final book in the Struck by Lighting trilogy, will be coming out in August. I’ll probably be there to wave hello.
Thu. May 15: 3:15-4:00 pm Club RT
My second stint at Club RT. (I believe authors get a max of 2 and if I’m reading the schedule right, I’m there for 45 minutes this time!)
Fri. May 16: 4-6pm RT Reviewers Choice Awards
I will be one of the many fantastic honorees receiving awards during this ceremony. Slow Surrender won the RT Award for Best Erotic Romance in 2013! As I prepare this post I still don’t know what I’ll be wearing.
Sat. May 17: 11a-2p Giant Book Fair
This is the humongous book fair everyone has told me tales about, sagas have been written, ballads sung, etc. I will have 20 copies of Slow Surrender, and 20 copies of Slow Seduction, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!
The rest of the time I will be wandering around, looking for trouble… or up in my room writing, depending on how close my next deadline is creeping… But really I’ll try to be out and about to meet and talk to folks as much as possible!

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