Consent is Sexy

Incubus-Angel-200x300Today I guestblogged over at the site of Jana Richards as part of my blog tour for The Incubus and the Angel.
My topic is “Consent it Sexy.”
“I think consent is sexy. One of the things that turns me on the most, both in a lover in my real life and in the books I like to read and write, is communication between partners. Consent is about negotiating likes, wants, needs, and boundaries between lovers. Finding out how the key fits into the lock, the magic fit between the two main characters, is the key to any romance novel and I love to see how people get there,” I wrote.
Of course the lack of consent in some romance novels is one of the reasons some criticize the genre and fear it is harmful to women. I point out in the blog post that fantasies about being ravished or “overwhelmed by unstoppable male desire” are valid fantasies to have. Readers do understand the difference between fantasy and reality.
In The Incubus and the Angel I make that force of “unstoppable male desire” an actual magical force that has real consequences in the world, though! And therein lies the central idea of “the incubus” that brings erotic dreams in the night.
Read the whole essay here:
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