Where to find me at RT Booklovers – updated! #RT15

NOW UPDATED! The RT Booklovers Convention, colloquially known simply as “RT”, is a nonstop whirlwind of book love. I went to my first one last year, and it was simply an awesome time with a couple thousand passionate romance-novel-loving women (and a few men). It’s a place where no one’s afraid to wear their good cardigan sweater *and* custom Avengers high-top sneakers *and* rhinestone cat eye glasses. It’s a place where over a thousand introverts get showered with free books at parties where the publishers ply them with red wine and cupcakes. (I’m exaggerating about none of this: check my Instagram feed from last year for the proof.)
It’s a huge non-stop party, with a TON going on. Check out The Agenda, which isn’t even everything! There’s also an app! The one problem with the app and the online agenda, though, is if 9for example) you search for my name, only ONE of the events I’m doing comes up! It’s not all cross-indexed. (No, I don’t know why.)
If you’ve never been to RT before and you’re not sure you can commit to the whole thing, there are day passes, and Saturday (“FAN-Tastic Day”) is the day with the Giant Book Fair–you can also do book fair ONLY. But check out the agenda and see what you like.
Under the cut, here are the details on ALL the places I’ll be found during the convention:


4:30 – 5pm Club RT
“Club RT” is a kind of lounge where authors hang out during designated half-hour slots to meet readers. Just show up and say hi! I’ll have various freebies to give away, including Magic University notepads! Plus postcards of my upcoming rockstar BDSM romance cover, which we’re revealing on Wednesday!
9pm-midnight Taste of Texas Rodeo Party
Two of my publishers are sponsors of this party: Grand Central Publishing/Forever and Riverdale Avenue Books. So I believe I’ll be there to greet readers in some capacity, details TBD!


10am-11am Fun & Games With Forever!
Me and about 20 other authors from Grand Central/Forever including Rebecca Zanetti, Jodi Ellen Malpas, and many more will be running a fun games parlor for readers! And books are the prizes!
2:30-3pm Club RT
My second and final stint in Club RT, the informal hangout to meet with readers. Will bring more tchotchke! Come get some.

Me and my agent Lori Perkins with the RT Award I won last year.
Me and my agent Lori Perkins with the RT Award I won last year.
7pm-9pm RT Book Reviews Awards Ceremony, Winners’ Reception & After Party!
So first there will be the awards ceremony, during which I will be receiving the Career Achievement Award in Erotic Romance!! (*no, the excitement does not wear off*) Followed by champagne reception with the winners. I’m buying a fabulous dress for the occasion so please come and take lots of photos & post them to Facebook so my mother will get to see it, OK? Each person in the audience also gets a goody bag with a lot of the winners’ books in it. (Did I mention you get a lot of free books at RT?)


10am – 2pm GIANT BOOK FAIR
This will be something like 500 authors autographing in a humongous room. You can buy tickets at the door just for this event if you like, and you can bring books FROM HOME to get them autographed (limit 2 per author, though, and 10 total per trip). Or you can buy books there, of course. I’ll be in ROW 19 of the General Adult section, I think at the very end of row 19! (Download the map.) That’s alphabetically where the letter “T” is, so I’ll next to Julia Talbot! You go around getting books/autographs from authors and then you pay one central cashier at the end for any books you acquired along the way.
I believe I’ll be in the “first shift” of authors giving away tons of stuff at this mini Fan Fest! First 500 attendees get a big goodie bag (silver and purple pens with my name on them are in the bag!), but each author will have stuff to give away, and which authors are out there swaps every 30 minutes or so! I made a special Magic University giveaway (“Department of Alchemy” notepads!) and I’ll have postcards, and other cool stuff! Plus, you know, come say hello!

Guinness was on hand to certify this as the largest booksigning ever!
Guinness was on hand in 2014 to certify this as the largest booksigning ever!

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