Taking the Lead: Rock Star BDSM Romance now up for pre-order

I just noticed that TAKING THE LEAD is now up for pre-order most places! (In fact Amazon has the paperback at 25% off right now, which means B&N does, too.)
Pre-orders are important to authors especially at B&N and iTunes because all pre-orders count toward the FIRST DAY of sales in those stores, which can really help a book hit the bestseller lists in those stores! And sometimes getting onto one of those lists will help new readers find it which will then help keep those books on the list if they enjoy the book and tell their friends about it!
Note that you can use the IndieBound bookstore finder to find an independent bookstore near you where you can pre-order it: Taking the Lead at Indiebound
Amazon and B&N.com are happy to take order for either ebook OR paperback:

  • Amazon: paperback or ebook
  • Barnes & Noble: paperback or ebook
    And of course there are a bunch of ebook-only stores:

  • Kobo: ebook only
  • iTunes: ebook only
  • Google Play: ebook only

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