Happy Valentine's Day! New gay erotic novella by Cecilia Tan just went live!

spanish nights cover 200x300SPANISH NIGHTS is a new novella based on material that originally appeared in my web serial, but with new elements added, additional sex scenes, and made to stand alone. It’s the story of a torrid affair between two men whose common languages are music and sex. It’s also my first experiment with Kindle Unlimited, so this particular ebook is only available right now on Amazon for $2.99 (or free if you’re a KU member)!
It’s got lots of what I do best–sex scenes–and lots of what I do almost as well, which is writing about art and music. 🙂
For those who haven’t read Daron’s Guitar Chronicles–YOU DON’T HAVE TO! You can jump in and read this novella without needing to read any of the rest of DGC. If you’re a fan of m/m or my erotic slash fiction or my books like The Prince’s Boy, please give this one a try, and tell your friends!
If you’re in KU, I will receive a small royalty from Amazon for every page a KU member looks at. So please do page through it if you’re a KU member!
I’ll post a hot excerpt tomorrow. I’m on the road today at a convention and need to pick something suitably hot out!
Official description:

Two men, a chance meeting, a torrid affair.

One an internationally known rock star, the other from the streets of Spain: they meet in an erotic tale as hot as a summer night in Seville, as seductive as red wine and song.
Daron didn’t expect to find a lover that day at the airport. He didn’t expect to suddenly change his plans and fly to Spain instead of Boston. But sometimes opportunity knocks and you have to grab Fate by the lapels and kiss until you’re breathless. Daron’s career, and his acceptance of his sexuality, are about to take a sudden, unexpected turn.
Orlando is as mysterious as he is beautiful, doe-eyed and nimble-fingered. To Daron, his presence seems to beckon something from deep within. When the two guitarists meet, they play duets and jam together to pass the time, but music sparks a deeper desire to connect, to touch, to love. But when Daron arrives in Spain he finds Orlando entangled in something more than simply sweaty sheets…
This Spanish Nights ebook also contains the complete erotic story “Home Sweet Home” as a bonus.
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