Okay, I'm trying it: Spanish Nights: gay erotic novella, on sale for 48 hours

I’m trying it! A “Kindle Countdown” deal for Spanish Nights started at 9am (Eastern) on Monday March 7th (today) dropping the price from $2.99 to 99 cents! On Wednesday at 11am it will jump to $1.99, and then on Friday at 5pm it will return to the regular $2.99.
What’s Spanish Nights? It’s an 80-page novella chronicling the torrid affair of Daron on a nearly yearlong jaunt to Spain and his lover Orlando and their adventures in the street music world of Seville. Daron’s the main character of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles but this novella can be read as a stand-alone.
Official description:
Two men, a chance meeting, a torrid affair.
One an internationally known rock star, the other from the streets of Spain: they meet in an erotic tale as hot as a summer night in Seville, as seductive as red wine and song.
Daron Marks didn’t expect to find a lover that day at the airport. He didn’t expect to suddenly change his plans and fly to Spain instead of Boston. But sometimes opportunity knocks and you have to grab Fate by the lapels and kiss until you’re breathless. Daron’s career, and his acceptance of his sexuality, are about to take a sudden, unexpected turn.
Orlando is as mysterious as he is beautiful, doe-eyed and nimble-fingered. To Daron, his presence seems to beckon something from deep within. When the two guitarists meet, they play duets and jam together to pass the time, but music sparks a deeper desire to connect, to touch, to love. But when Daron arrives in Spain he finds Orlando entangled in something more than simply sweaty sheets…
The Spanish Nights ebook also contains the complete erotic story “Home Sweet Home” as a bonus.
If you’re in Kindle Unlimited, you can read the book for free as part of the KU program, as well!

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