Act now for really cool icon art!

So Tod, of Art by Tod, does something he calls Icon Day every so often. For about 24 hours he takes requests for LJ icons (100×100 pixels) and then spends 1-2 months fulfilling all the requests. You can make a paypal donation to his tip jar to guarantee an icon, and other incentives, as described in today’s Icon Day post from him:
In his last Icon Day I went ahead and tipped him to get two icons, one each for Kenet and Jorin of my ongoing web serial THE PRINCE’S BOY, which are here:

Kenet! Sweet, sweet Kenet.

And hardy Jorin. 🙂 Squee!
You can see the whole glorious assortment from Tod’s previous Icon Day and a good range of his style here: He does lots of furries & anthropomorphized figures. I’ve asked him this time around to make an icon of ME with cat ears. 😀

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