The Prince's Boy: Chapter 44

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44: Jorin
In the end, we waited until nightfall after all. Kan and I fell back to sleep in each other’s arms, and when Sergetten woke us at midday he handled my cock and balls with brusque disgust. “I could take you now, but the ritual would be devoid of pleasure for you in this state,” he said, letting my limp cock fall from his grip. “Remember this later when you think me a master without mercy. I was not the one who would have sent you flaccid and spent into a Night Magic bonding.”
Kan said nothing to that, and so neither did I.
Sergetten harrumphed. “Wash. Wash yourself well, dirt-eater. And be ready at sundown.” He left us, then, the tent flapping shut behind him.
“Shall I come with you?” Kan asked.
I shook my head. “And be tempted into taking me for the last time, again? No, Kan. Let me go.”
He ran his fingers through my hair. “You are such a brave beast.”
“I am not. I have no choice.”
“You are. To accept the bond of a man you know will be cruel to you.”
“He will not be half so cruel to me as Seroi is to Kenet.”
Kan could think of nothing clever to say to that, and he let me go.
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