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  • RT @Ledger_Yankees: CC using Cano's bat in BP. Wants to use bats with hits in them. #
  • Jays catcher John Buck just took a bounced pitch right in the nuts. Broadcasters looked at replay and were silent a long moment… #
  • Then finally Bob Lorenz said, "Well, the video speaks for itself." Flaherty: "Glad I'm up in the booth instead of catching right now." #
  • @BloggingBombers looks like Buck agrees with you there. #
  • @Ledger_Yankees Bob Lorenz is a bit dry, and he and Flaherty are too similar to be a good team. Both bland and same manner of speaking. #
  • Pettitte pitched so well! But leaves with a 2-2 tie with 107 pitches after 7& 2/3 innings. Only two mistakes were two homers. No win for him #
  • Joba throws 6 sliders in a row to AL hr leader Bautista… Full count. #
  • Then finally drills a 97 mph fastball on the inside corner for called strike three! Bautista slams the bat, but inning is over. 9th next! #
  • 9th inning, 2-2 score. This would be a great time for Posada to rediscover his power stroke. #
  • Unfortunately Posada has the hat trick. Third strikeout of the day. Up to Cervelli now. #
  • Bah. Yanks do not score. Joba to pitch bottom of the 9th and try to prevent a Jays walkoff. #
  • Teixeira with five strikeouts today. Wow. To the bottom of the 13th. Who is left in the bullpens? #
  • Maybe we need Teixeira's wife to wear Giambi's thong. #Yankees #nyy #
  • To the 14th inning. Chan Ho Park has been good, to the shock of most in the press corps. Mitre, Gaudin, and Mo only bullpen guys left. #
  • Cano having a rough couple of days. Ohfer. #
  • Ramiro peña in to pinch run. Cmon Cervelli. #
  • Peña steals second. Can Gardner cash him in? No. Flies out. Chad Gaudin's turn to try to hold the Jays in the bottom of the 14th. #
  • Gaudin walks the leadoff man on four pitches. This does not bode well. #
  • Sac bunt works. Hill up with a man in scoring position. #
  • There it goes. Base hit on a hung slider brings in the winning run for the Jays. Get em tomorrow. #

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