Yankees at Mets, livetweeted

  • Yankees at Mets. Beautiful sky over NY. I'm at a bar in Boston drinking beer, Newport Storm rhode island blueberry. Jeter stranded in 1st. #
  • Jeter trouble getting to a grounder and popup, but CC escapes trouble with nice K of Wright and a soft liner to Cano. #nyy #
  • When Santana bats it looks like he's thinking: I don't mind batting so much, I just hate facing the pitcher! #nyy #
  • CC had Cora down 0-2 then gave him too hittable a pitch, in but in the wheelhouse. Then same thing to Bay, low but right in the middle. #nyy #
  • CC hits! Then Jeter! He is now 8 for 11 off Santana as a Met. CC is particularly elephantine in road grays running the bases. #nyy #
  • But the rally is snuffed. Mets still up 4-0 as Gardner hits into DP and then Tex grounds out on first pitch. #nyy #
  • I predict lots of headlines tomorrow on Jeter getting old. Pagan singles on a ground ball that looked gettable for the captain. #nyy #
  • I don't like this 4-0 score, but I like the beer I'm drinking. Finally learning why beer and baseball go together? Fourth inning over. #nyy #
  • Oh sorry that was only the third inning. Beer messes with my time sense, I guess. #
  • Cora goes down 0-2 again and starts fouling off pitches again. But this time hits CC in the leg with comebacker, out 1-3. To the 5th. #nyy #
  • Okay, so, the scouting report I got was that Jason Bay couldn't hit homers at Citi Field. Didn't he just hit his second one this game? #nyy #
  • Bay's homer wasn't even off a strike! And now CC is losing his touch again. #nyy #
  • Midway through 6. Santana has retired 11 Yankees in a row. 12 if you count it started with a DP in the 3rd. Sigh. #nyy #
  • Mitre replaces CC and drills Jason Bay between the shoulder blades. Umpires stirred up and Girardi is cheesed off but not ejected. #nyy #
  • Swisher walks! First #nyy batter to reach since Jeter in the 3rd. It's now the seventh with two out. Then full count on Cervelli! #
  • Cervelli hits one off the top of the wall! Is it a home run? Umpires will review it. Santana might have been tiring? #nyy #
  • @ed_price what is the ground rule there? ESPN has us all screwed up. #
  • The dirt at Citi field looks extra dirty. Every guy that slides comes up looking caked with it. #nyy #
  • Mitre sits the Mets down 1-2-3 in the seventh. Yanks chasing five runs though. #nyy #
  • @ed_price thanks! #
  • Jerry Manuel is looking more and more like Morgan Freeman. Yankees with men on the corners two out in the 8th. #nyy #
  • Full count on Arod. Santana over 100 pitches. A nice time for a three run shot… But he walks. Santana hits the showers. Bases loaded. #nyy #
  • Offtopic. I Want to see the new Karate Kid movie. Not as much as I'd like to see Cano hit a grand slam, though. Also, Suns up on LA. #nyy #
  • Feliciano gets Cano to pop out, ending the threat. #nyy #
  • The food in this bar is really good, the beer even better, but whenever corwin comes here the Yankees play crappy. Sigh. #nyy #
  • The DJ has pumped out steady cheese dance hits. Lady Gaga, Britney, Justin Timberlake, Single Ladies, Boom Boom, Mariah Carey, etc. #nyy #
  • Igarishi on to finish the Yanks. Gets Swisher down 0-2, then throws 3 straight balls. Swish fouls off a few. Then he throws 1 away. #nyy #
  • Cervelli lines a single! Russo up there now but igarishi has lost the plate. #nyy #
  • Comebacker, they get the out at second, but it's men on the corners. Miranda at the plate! #nyy #
  • Miranda singles in a run! And the Mets are going to K-Rod to face Jeter with 2 on, 1 out and a 6-2 lead. #nyy #
  • Krod a wee bit wild. Jeter doubles in a run! But gardner looks tentative, grounds out but brought in one more! Joe arguing the call. #nyy #
  • Alex comes up as the winning run! Two on two out. Tex got on with Bsltimore chop. #nyy #
  • Full count. #
  • Huge battle but krod finally got arod to swing and miss at a curve ball. Good night. #

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