Starting August 1: an erotic steampunk adventure

A black and gold promo banner that reads An Erotic Epistolary Tale, starting August 1 on Patreon

So….. I’ve been threatening to start publishing some erotic fiction over on my Patreon for a while now and I’m finally organized enough to get it going.

As a kind of test run before we do anything longer, I’m going to start with an erotic steampunk adventure entitled The Blossoms of Summer, which is an epistolary tale of an airship adventure told through a brave adventuring botanist’s letters and diary entries.

It’ll run every day for six days, starting on August 1.

Here’s the official description that will go on the book, which will launch after the serial runs:

Botanist Robert Meriweather has been tasked by the Continental Occident Company to travel beyond the known lands of Canton to search for the “the Blossoms of Summer,” secret and hidden specimens of such breathtaking beauty that the mere sight has caused men to forsake their homelands. Robert’s orders are to bring these “forbidden flowers” back to England, where all of society’s rewards—and his betrothed, Livia—await him.

Robert soon finds himself on an unexpectedly erotic adventure, in which he must abandon all his Victorian social moires to succeed in his mission. But he will never abandon Livia and his dream of marrying her as a gentleman of standing.

I actually wrote this first around 2010-2011, but never found a home for it. It’s a 10K word novella, and those were a hard sell then. But last year I got the call for submissions for the Passionate Ink “summer” fundraising anthology of erotica and erotic romance. (Passionate Ink is a writers organization dedicated to supporting erotic writers and was formerly a chapter of the RWA before disaffiliating.) The Blossoms of Summer was published as part of the Hot & Sticky anthology collection, and then the rights came back to me.

And now it’ll finally go out into the world on its own!

I’ll be posting about it a lot on my socials this month to try to build up membership of the patreon a bit more, too. I would love to get us back to my pre-pandemic level of support by the time the serial launches. If you’re not a member you can “follow” the public posts for free, but to see any of the “naughty” parts, those have to go behind the paywall, which starts at $2 a month:

And if this goes well, I’ll start preparing something longer!

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