Kittens and feathers

So some friends came over for dinner last night and to see the kittens. They brought some feathers with them. Gave one to each kitten. What ensued was 30-60 minutes of TOTAL ABSORPTION on the part of each little predator with his feather. These guys were definitely bird eaters in the wild! (This also explains why the only treat they like is chicken.)
So here’s many photos of things like Oolong in the (empty) garbage can and all three of them and their feathers. I couldn’t seem to get any good shots of them carrying their feathers around in their mouths, but all three of them were doing it, too.
Then today I was working in the cats’ room, answering email, and Oolong out of nowhere jumped into my lap and demanded to be petted! We had a huge love fest for about a half an hour! That’s the first time he initiated the petting instead of me. He also woke me up this morning climbing into the loft and mewing, but then ran away when I woke up.
Now all three of them are asleep again so I can get some work done!
Link to my latest Picasa album below the cut:

Kittens & Feathers

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