Buy Books

There are many places to purchase my books, ebooks, and stories. What follows are what I hope are some helpful links. Because I’ve published through so many different publishing companies and have also self-published many titles, there’s no one single place where everything can be found.

Use this link to search for my titles in your local independent bookstore in the USA:

Another way to support bookstores, but with the ease of online ordering, is to buy through Bookshop, which gives a portion of their profits to bookstores. Here’s my online store there:

Many of my ebooks and audiobooks are available via the Apple store (formerly called the iBookstore, and iBooks, and iTunes…):
(I’ve applied to be an Apple affiliate seller, but no reply yet.)

Here’s my author page on Amazon (and purchases made through this link give me a kickback)

Ingram, the biggest wholesaler/distributor of books in the US, also has a program wherein authors (or whomever) can create storefronts to retail their own books (or other curated collections). I receive a good chunk of the purchase price via these sales. Here’s my Aerio store:

Most of my ebooks are available via the Kobo store, though they don’t make it that easy to filter me out from other authors with similar names. Here’s a link that should bring up most of the relevant ones, though:

All of my self-published work and most of my small/indie press books are available at Smashwords as ebooks: