Special James bonus sexy scene for fans of Slow Surrender!

Fans of my BDSM romance Slow Surrender have been spreading the word to help the book find new readers! Right now SS is only out in ebook but the paperback comes out in August from Hachette (one of the “big six” publishers). I’m not waiting for that, though! I’ll trade a special bonus scene from James’s point of view to any reader who recommends the book to friends/followers/family/fans on the Internet and sends me a screencap of the recommendation. That includes Amazon and Goodreads reviews, tweets about the book, Tumblr or LJ or blog posts about it, Facebook updates/statuses, Yahoo mailing list recs, and so on! Check out some of the recs people have made, including email, starting “buddy reads”, Twitter, Tumblr, etc…!
If you want the scene, email a screencap of your rec to ctan.writer AT gmail DOT com (or photo reply here!) and I’ll email the bonus James scene right back to you!
Check out some of the screencaps below!

Review on Amazon!

A Goodreads "buddy read"!

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Recommended on Tumblr!

Email a friend!

Goodreads review!

Mailing lists & Yahoo "loops"!

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