Sagrada Familia Photos (a few of them)

Here are a few photos from our trip to Sagrada Familia. I took over a hundred, but here are about a dozen.
Under the cut:

Yes, it really looks like that.

corwin on the bridge from one tower to the other. We went up in the Tower of the Nativity and climbed down the two next to it.

Cecilia and Kate and a random guy who amusingly referred to himself as the random guy who will be in our photo forever.

Now you see why I describe Sagrada Familia as built by dwarves, decorated by elves.

More of the basilica of Sagrada Familia.

View up the tower from the bridge entry.

The interior of the tower.

Another shot of the interior of the tower.

One of the things you can see really well from the tower is the fruit baskets on the roof. Yes, fruit baskets.

Looking out at the outside world from within the tower.

corwin and Kate included for scale.

As you climb down and down eventually you get to a final spiral staircase...

Looking up the spiral staircase at corwin and Kate!

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