The "Harry Potter with sex" bundle is in the top 50!

magic u bundle cover revised 300Woo! The rush of folks to fill up their new e-readers and Kindles has pushed the limited time Magic University bundle into the top 50 in Amazon’s bisexual romance bestseller list! I’m very psyched about this, as you might imagine!
Reminder to fans who have already read the series, if you just want the bonus novella, Christmas Magic, you can do any a good turn for me or the world and I’ll email it to you free. Details in my earlier post: (tl;dr — write a review, donate to a good cause, get free ebook!)
For those who are new to the series and trying to figure out what “bisexual romance” means exactly, it’s a bit of an odd category that includes some menage and multi-partner romances, some “switched from one orientation to another” romances, and some flat out porn that may not really be “romance” to some readers but which gets thrown into the list at the Kindle store anyway. What makes the Magic University series bisexual is our hero, Kyle, whose quest for true love brings him through many trials and experiences, including everything from traditional sweet (heterosexual) romance to a kind of four-way poly quad he forms with his best friend and their lovers, to his attraction/obsession with his nemesis/rival.
Kyle’s true magic is love and the ways he is able to open his heart again and again despite being hurt in the past (and present). With no restrictions on the gender of those whom he loves, that lands him in the bisexual category–and bestseller list–on Amazon.
Me, I call it new adult erotic fantasy romance and that is already enough adjectives, no?
Please tell your friends about it now while it’s such a great deal, $9.99 for all six books in the series (five full books plus the new novella)!
Buy it now from: • All Romance eBooksAmazonSmashwordsB&NKoboiTunes/iBooksRiverdale Avenue Books (publisher website)
and other favorite retailers.
The digital box set is only available until February 1st!

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