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So, many of you reading this blog know my very first book way back when (18 years ago, to be exact) was a self-published chapbook called Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords. The chapbook eventually sold thousands of copies, but it has been out of print for several years now. is releasing an ebook edition of it now, and until the end of November, it’s FREE. You still have to go through Circlet’s shopping cart to get the download, but you pay nothing!
I figure now is a good time to do this because an ebook from Torquere Press is coming in a few weeks that features Arshan as the main character, and it’s something of a prequel. May as well remind people what that original first short story was like.
The ebook includes all three stories from the original collection:
Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords
A tale of Arshan and Mriah, an established couple attending a glitzy, decadent BDSM costume party, and the adventures and trouble they run into there. What no one there knows is that they have a secret, a telepathic bond that allows them to read each other’s thoughts and share feelings.
Cat Scratch Fever
As humans attempt to gain a foothold on an exotic and alien planet, their leader finds taming a cat-like female alien the key to establishing peace.
Heart’s Desire
A lonely domme hosts a play party, where everyone takes on a fantasy role. But reality can be so much more painful, and so much sweeter.
Download your copy in PDF form today and tell your friends!


  1. The link to the PDF of _telepaths_ gets a page on Circlet with no visible connection to that PDF. It’s the same in Firefox and in Safari. I can’t find any way to reach the download.

    1. The shopping cart on is down, unfortunately, so the page doesn’t come up. Alas! It is still available for sale from all the ebook retailers, though, and the identical PDF is for sale at both and

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