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The Velderet,  a cybersex s/m serial by Cecilia Tan

Velderet Cover GraphicWelcome to the online home of THE VELDERET, an erotic S/M science fiction novel by Cecilia Tan (that's me) and published by Circlet Press, Inc.

April 29, 2002: Great news! The Velderet has been selected as a Finalist in the 2002 Independent Publisher Awards ("Ippy" Awards) in the Sex/Erotica category! (It was edged out for first place by Tickle Kitty Press' "Tickle Your Fancy"--congrats to Sadie!)

The idea for the book came about rather suddenly, one day in 1995 when I was on the phone with Deena Moore, the new publisher and editor of a print magazine called TASTE OF LATEX. TOL had been published and produced in San Francisco for several years by Lily Burana, but she sold the magazine to Deena, who contacted me about writing for the magazine.

"I need fiction," she told me. "But it's too cumbersome to read and acquire a lot of different short stories. I want something with cybersex in it, cybersex and fetish. How about a serialized novel?"

Practically that instant I had the idea for The Velderet, how it would include the clash of two cultures, how cybersex would fit into the plot, and how I would want two main characters, one male, and one female, to make sure I could have just about every kind of sex in it possible.

Writing it as a serial was a lot of fun, and the regular appearance of issues kept me on deadline. I mapped out twelve chapters of 5000 words each, making it the most structured fiction project I'd ever done.

Unfortunately, around Chapter Six, Deena decided to fold the magazine. The other six chapters sat in my head, unwritten, for several years, while I concentrated on short stories, on the publication of my book Black Feathers (HarperCollins, 1998) and other writing projects.

But eventually the rest of it clamored to get out, encouraged by email from readers demanding to know what happened. So I wrote the rest. And now it is finally in print, in book form, and you can buy it in bookstores, or mail order it from the Circlet Press site.

Please let me know if you enjoyed the site, enjoyed reading the book, or if you had any problems with the web site, at ctan.writer AT gmail DOT com.

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