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New Edition Now Available! THE HOT STREAK, my baseball romance novel

A new edition of THE HOT STREAK, my sexy sexy baseball-themed romance, is newly out from Riverdale Avenue Books! Just in time for the lull of the All-Star Break, eh? If you’re looking for something to read this week while your favorite team is off, look no further. Sample chapter under the cut!

Or buy it:
Ebooks: Riverdale Avenue Books | AllRomance Ebooks | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Amazon

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“Where Is Clarion For Editors?” discussion from Readercon

So we had the “Where is Clarion for Editors?” thing last night at Readercon. The official description from the con program:

9:00 PM CO Where Is Clarion for Editors?
Leah Bobet, Ellen Datlow, Liz Gorinsky, Bart Leib, Julia Rios, Cecilia Tan (leader)
The speculative fiction field has many workshops for writers, such as the various Clarions, Odyssey, and Viable Paradise, not to mention MFA programs like Stonecoast where one can do genre work. But where’s the “Clarion for Editors”? Some of the most vital work being done in our field is coming from web magazines, small publishers, digital publishers, and others who are largely forced to learn to edit “on the job.” This discussion, led by Cecilia Tan, will examine the need for a structured workshop for aspiring and established editors, and propose ways that such a workshop might be made to happen.

I had proposed it because I feel that there is a huge amount of knowledge on editing and being and editor trapped in the heads of the talent pool of current editors in sf/fantasy that I would like newer editors to have a chance to tap. Continue reading →

Help me launch Slow Satisfaction: earn special scenes

Next month my trilogy comes to an end with the release of SLOW SATISFACTION. That’s right, the series that began with Slow Surrender, the Struck by Lightning trilogy, will deliver a final, mouthwatering, knee-weakening installment!

As you know, I like to give the gift of bonus sex scenes to those who help me spread the word about my work. This time, instead of asking people to just retweet or link separately, all willy nilly, please take part in a simultaneous mass release (orgiastic, even!) called a Thunderclap! It’s easy: you just sign up your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr) and instead of you sending the message at the time you sign up, it sends all on the big day of the book’s launch.

But there’s a catch. The catch is that if I don’t get 100 people doing it, the Thunderclap won’t launch. It’s like a Kickstarter, except instead of asking for money, I just need you to join in spreading the word. Click here to help: http://thndr.it/1r8tF6X

On August 26th when the campaign goes ka-boom! I’ll send around a special bonus outtake scene between James and Karina!

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Geeky Kink Event New England: My schedule!

My schedule for the Geeky Kink Event: New England!

I will be reprising my role as GuestPerv of Honor at GKE:NE this year. Hotel rooms are getting close to selling out, so if you’re planning to go, make sure you grab yours. All the info is here: http://geekykinknewengland.com/

August 15-17 2014, in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Here’s what I’ll be doing:

Friday, 7pm
You’re probably wondering what Slytherin Hazing is. You do know that Slytherin House is the Hogwarts house that is located in a DUNGEON, right? Put on your ties, your school robes, and bring your wands. It’s “Year 8.” After the defeat of Voldemort, everyone has to go back to Hogwarts for another year of school. Given that it’s the new, postwar era of magical cooperation, students will now be allowed to “pledge” to a house. So here’s your chance to prove yourself worthy to be a Slytherin. Candidates’ cunning, mettle, and ability to negotiate will be tested by Draco Malfoy (me) and the Slytherin House prefects.

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Interview with Charlotte Stein (about Summer Rain)

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a new book of romance novellas out called SUMMER RAIN. Masterminded by Audra North and edited by Sarah Frantz, the book is a fundraiser for RAINN (the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) and it includes not only a story by me, but also Ruthie Knox, Molly O’Keefe, and a heap of other talented women! I read and loved Charlotte Stein‘s near-future story about lonely woman and the android she mail-orders, and I interviewed her about it here!

Cecilia Tan: Your story about a lonely woman and an android is so very lovely. And by lovely I mean: made me cry. Did you know when you started writing that an android would be the perfect tool to crack open the human heart?

Charlotte Stein: Oh thank you – that’s so cool to hear! I love making people cry…wait. Wait that came out wrong. I meant it’s awesome that I made you sad. Only not that at all. Let me just try to answer the rest of the question before I end up sounding like a sadist…
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Win free registration to AUTHORS AFTER DARK! (Worth $240!)

I’m giving away one FREE registration to AUTHORS AFTER DARK in Charlotte, NC, August 6-10.

Stella Price, the fab organizer of the event, is giving some of the authors attending (me included!) a free registration to offer to our fans as a prize. Stella’s one stipulation to claim the registration ticket (a $240 value!) is that you must book a hotel room at the event hotel before July 1. Authors After Dark is a great event focused on letting readers hang out with their favorite romance & erotica authors. Attendance is limited to 100 authors and 400 readers. Details on the event: http://www.authorsafterdark.org

To enter for the free Authors After Dark registration, help me out! Tweet about your fave book of mine, or mention on Facebook, or Tumblr, or Instagram a photo of a book of mine, or leave a review on Amazon for any of my books, or Goodreads, or Audible.com. You get one entry for EACH thing you do! Enter multiple times by doing more things! Once you’ve done that, fill in this Google form:


I’ll be drawing the winner at midnight Eastern on Monday June 23rd. So you’ve got six full days to enter! All right?

For fans of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles

You readers were extremely awesome this week, banding together to make donations to trigger the post that just went live this morning. (“Here I Am”: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/3382)

But I know that after reading that post, you’re going to really, really want ANOTHER bonus post. Because it’s been so long since certain people saw each other. And it’s been a long time since we had a Sunday post, you know? I don’t want to ask for more money, since you guys already ponied up. So how about this:

I’ll post ANOTHER post tomorrow if you guys can amass 50 “fan points.” You get 1 point for every social media post praising DGC & linking to us -Tweet, Facebook, Tumblr, G+, LiveJournal, etc- 1 point for any new Amazon, Goodreads, or Audible.com review of any DGC book or ebook, and 1 point for every comment you leave quoting your favorite lines from DGC.

Let’s amass all the comments on the current story post so folks can see the progress: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/3382

Leave a comment for each action you take, and if you can include a link or a screencap as proof, ok? (If you can’t, do your best to tell me how to find it to verify.)

OK? So EACH social media post counts for one point. A single person posting to 5 places would be 5 points! Remember to include links back to DGC!

EACH new review left on Amazon or Goodreads or Audible.com counts as a point. Post the same review on both Amazon and Goodreads and it counts both times!

And EACH quotable, pithy favorite line you leave in comments counts for one. For example:

This would be worth one: From 232.New Gold Dream: “Were you up all night?” I asked Ziggy. “It’s hard to tell when you’ve got bags under your eyes versus when it’s just smudged eyeliner.”

And this would be another one: From 227.Knock Me down: I’d never really wondered until that moment, hearing my words sung back to me, if maybe I was as bad for him as he was for me.

Go nuts, y’all! I’ve got the post in the queue already and can bump it up from Tuesday to Sunday real easy…!

UPDATE: As of 7pm we’re about halfway there!

Another exciting adventure in professional writing…

Today on Writer Adventures, I made my third attempt to get a French tax form signed and stamped by the US Internal Revenue Service! I know, I know, being a professional author is such a glamorous job. :-)

The form is basically a treaty document that certifies I’m a US taxpayer, so the French authorities won’t deduct French income tax from the amount I’m owed by a French publisher that bought the rights to some of my books. My previous attempts included asking my accountant what to do (he had no clue), and trying to contact the I.R.S. to ask them by phone and also by searching their website. Having turned up no helpful information and also having failed to get a human being on the phone, today I turned to my last resort, going to the I.R.S. offices in Boston’s Government Center. Continue reading →

Yes, my books are affected by the Amazon-Hachette fight

In case you missed the news from inside publishing, Amazon.com has decided it wants an even bigger discount from publishers than it has been getting, and the first publisher they’re going after is one of the Big Five, Hachette Book Group. Hachette’s imprints include venerable ones like Little, Brown and also the former Time Warner Books now called Grand Central Publishing. The romance imprint of GCP is Forever. Forever is the publisher of my Struck by Lightning Trilogy.

So if you’re trying to order Slow Surrender or Slow Seduction from Amazon, you may see surprising things like they claim the book is out of stock and will take 3-5 weeks to ship! The ebooks are still available, but they’ve taken the pre-order button off the page for Slow Satisfaction and all it says is “currently unavailable.” That’s right, they don’t even bother to say what the release date of the book is anymore, as if me or the publisher canceled or delayed it. Bullshit: it’s coming out August 26th as planned, whether Amazon sells it or not.

What can you do to help? Purchase books (AND OTHER ITEMS) from alternate retailers. Unfortunately, Hachette has no direct-to-consumer ecommerce so I can’t tell you to buy it direct from them. But you can get the books and ebooks from many other sources, which I will list under the cut.

Barnes & Noble is having a special sale on Hachette titles, in fact, and so are Book-a-Million and some other retailers! Details on the B&N Sale at the bottom of the post. Continue reading →

Book Expo America! (Plus Bi Book Awards and Lammies)

Here’s where I’ll be found this week in New York City!

Book Expo America (BEA)
May 29-31

Thursday, Traditional Autographing
1:30 – 2pm at Table 19
I’ll be signing/giving away copies of Slow Seduction. First come, first serve.

Thursday, Forever/GCP/Hachette Cocktail Party
3pm – 4pm somewhere in the Javits Center
See the folks at the Grand Central Publishing booth (#2917) for invitations/details!

Friday, In-Booth Autographing
3:30 – 4pm at the SFWA Booth #2561
I have copies of Best Erotic Fantasy to give away, as well as some rare galleys of Fantastic Erotica!

Bi-Lines and the Bi Writer Awards
Saturday, May 31st

A Multi-Arts Celebration of Bisexual Writing
Date/Time/Location: Sat May 31st at 6:30pm, at Westbeth Community Room in the West Village, 55 Bethune St. just West of Washington St. New York NY 10014.

Tickets: $12 at the door.

Schedule: Book signings 6:30pm, stage program 7-9:30, more book signings until 10:00pm. Afterparty 10:00pm-1am

I’ll be reading from the new book Best Bi Short Stories. Books will be for sale at the event. Circlet Press is nominated for Bisexual Publisher of the Year, and two Circlet books are nominated for awards: House of Sable Locks by Elizabeth Schechter in Erotica, and The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj in Science Fiction.

Lambda Literary Awards
Monday, June 2

The Stars Change is nominated for a Lammy Award and I served as a judge (in one of the non-fiction categories) so I’ll be there to cheer on my favorite books and represent Circlet Press, a sponsor of the event.

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