ctan feather graphicAs my back catalog has grown I’ve had to split the publications page up into multiple pages and multiple sections within the page. Check out the directory below!

A NOTE ABOUT CONTENT WARNINGS: Although, when I am a reader I prefer no spoilers, I recognize that for many readers’ emotional and mental health and safety, it is important for them to be able to filter out certain kinds of content. I consider content warnings to be a way of supporting informed consent. Another way to think about it: If I were a chef, I would consider it unethical not to list common allergens in my dishes, and content warnings are the equivalent of that. There’s no single master list of squicks or triggers out there, but I have tried include the ones I’m the most familiar with, including dubious consent, non-consensual sex, consensual BDSM, consensual bondage, and consensual punishment. If there was something you ran into in my work that you feel I should warn for, please let me know!

Each work that has its own page will have a content warning that can be seen by hovering over the text like this: Content Warning Example. And here is a link to the full list of all the content warnings, alphabetical by title.

Note: I do not “warn” for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or queer characters or content–because queerfolks have a right to exist!–but you will see various identities and sexualities labeled (including het) to help readers find which dishes on my rather large menu are most delicious to them. Also note that almost all of my fiction is “not safe for work” so it may seem redundant to put the NSFW tag on everything, but I’ll try.

I’ve made links throughout this page to retailers including But please support your local independent bookstore. A thriving and diverse book industry is the best support system both for writers and readers! I’ve been boycotting Amazon for my personal purchases until they address unsafe working conditions in their warehouses, but I realize they are the many people’s top choice, especially for ebook purchases on the Kindle.

Forthcoming Stuff by Cecilia Tan

Page last updated on:Feb 22, 2023.

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Forthcoming Stories, Books and Stuff:

  • “Just Killing Time,” a short story in which I play with the Tarantino-esque tropes of gangsters, Japanese cinema, and women clawing their way through the misogyny of it all, will be appearing in an Aqueduct Press book edited by Raven Belasco entitled Adventures in Bodily Autonomy. The book is a fundraiser for NARAL Pro-Choice America being put together in the wake of the recent Supreme Court gutting of Roe v. Wade.
  • Daron’s Guitar Chronicles — NOW COMPLETE. The online series of DGC wrapped up in January 2020, after more than 10 years of continuous updates, over 1.1. million words, and over 1111 posts. The entire thing can be read free online at and new editions of the books will be released for vols 1-9, and vols 10-13 will finally get released as books in 2023-2024! (Sorry for the delay!)

Fiction Books by Cecilia Tan


Fiction Series

Each series has its own info page:

Standalone Novels & Novellas

  • WATCH POINT — I wrote a gay Navy SEAL billionaire Christmas-themed erotic romance. For a Riptide holiday fundraising bundle. I know that’s a lot of tropes but it works. 🙂 The book has its own page here:
  • ROYAL TREATMENT — A short erotic novel published by Torquere Press and starring Arshan, one of the two main characters in my classic story “Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords.” This is a tale of Arshan’s youth, shortly before he meets Mriah. He is called to serve in the court of the crown princess who is looking to bond for life with a slave of her own. The only problem? No “noble” scions consider themselves submissive, least of all Arshan. If Arshan is to escape being enslaved, it will have to be by his wit, guile, and sexual prowess, for he has no allies in the court. Rights reverted to me after three years, and so now Circlet publishes it. Get it for Kindle, Nook, All formats available for download and read an excerpt on
  • THE HOT STREAK — a baseball-themed erotic romance novel, came in ebook format in May 2009 Ravenous Romance. In 2014, Riverdale Avenue Books issued a new edition in both ebook and paperback formats.
  • MIND GAMES— my first paranormal erotic romance novel was published in February 2009 by Ravenous Romance in ebook form, and in August 2010 in print by Red Silk Editions. In 2016 it is currently out of print/unavailable, was briefly in a “box set,” and will be out in a new ebook and print edition in 2018.
  • The Velderet— The long-awaited erotic science fiction SM adventure novel is in print with Circlet Press. Visit the Velderet web site to read excerpts and cool background stuff about the book. I started writing this as a serial for “Taste of Latex” but after 6 chapters, the magazine folded. I eventually finished the novel for myself and had a fun time mixing the science fiction space opera with the S/M erotica. You can buy the eBook version of it direct from Circlet, buy the printed version there, or get it from Amazon (by clicking the main title above).


    Daron Audiobooks at

  • Daron Audiobook Volume 1
  • Daron Audiobook Volume 2
  • Daron Audiobook Volume 3
    AND there are now Audiobooks of The Prince’s Boy, Volumes 1 & 2 also! (Link goes to

    Nonfiction Books by Cecilia Tan (baseball, pop culture, etc)


  • The Binge Watchers Guide to the Harry Potter Films

    — First published in July 2020, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the latest installment in the “Binge Watcher” series covers the eight Harry Potter movies, including not only behind-the-scenes info, plot recaps, and casting notes, but tips on how to throw a binge watching party and essays on how the Potter film project changed modern cinema forever.

  • The 50 Greatest Yankee Games

    First published in hardcover in 2004, then paperback in 2005, from John Wiley & Sons. I wrote it as a unique history of the New York Yankees, from the perspective of recounting the action of 50 of the greatest games in Yankees’ history. Regular season, World Series, heartbreakers, history-makers. The book got unbelievably great reviews, too–people really enjoyed the way I made the reader feel like “they were there.”

  • The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games

    Co-written with my good friend Bill Nowlin, who has written a lot of books on Ted Williams and the Red Sox himself. Like the book on the Yankees, it recounts 50 great games from Red Sox history. Ironically, while we were working on the book, the Sox won the World Series in 2004, and we had to revamp our list of great games! All of a sudden our book had a “happy ending!”

    Essays and Articles by Cecilia Tan


    These being mostly about sex, writing, or myself, or all three…
    (This is also a very incomplete list because I’ve been bad about keeping track of all my essays and articles.)

    (FYI, Some of my older political essays are available to read on line if you visit my old Rants Page. )

    • “JKR and the Great Trans Controversy”: I wrote the essay that serves as the introduction to the Wizrocklopedia (the Wizard Rock wiki) series “Why We Fight” about how and why many in the Wizard Rock community were responding to JK Rowling’s increasing anti-trans statements and actions. Read it free online here on
    • “Let Me Tell You”: possibly my most viral essay ever, in which I excoriate the “Show, Don’t Tell” writing advice as particularly damaging for marginalized writers, as every year or so, some MFA student somewhere finds it, tweets or Tumbles or Tiktoks it, and it goes around all over again. Read it free at Uncanny Magazine.
    • “A Look at Bisexuality in Science Fiction,” an essay on bisexual representation in the science fiction genre, where bi- or pan- behavior and identities are often used as a trope to mark a character or culture as alien or avant garde, but the representations can be good sometimes. Read it at Lambda Literary.
    • “Why I Write Bisexual Romance,” an essay in the Huffington Post as part of their Queer Romance Month celebration. Read it free online at HuffPo.
    • Couple of autobiographical sexuality and erotica essays came out in late 2001/early 2002, in That Takes Ovaries! (Ed. Rivka Solomon, Three Rivers Press), and The Burning Pen (Ed. M. Christian, Alyson Publications)… You can read my essay in The Burning Pen on the site of The Erotic Authors Association.
    • August 2001 — I wrote the “Writers Bite Back” column for the San Francisco Bay Guardian ranting about how you can fight the right and censorship, but you can’t really fight the indifference of the corporate bookselling chains (Boredoms and Barnes Ignoble)–which may have the same result for fringe writers like me.
    • “On The Altar” — an essay about my alternative sexual lifestyle(s) appears in Sex & Single Girls, edited by Lee Damsky (Seal Press). November 2000.
    • “Picture This”–an autobiographical “coming out” essay, in A Woman Like That (Avon Books), edited by Joan Larkin, which is the women’s companion book to Patrick Merla’s BOYS LIKE US, which was all the coming out stories of prominent gay male writers. Mine tracks the parallels between my coming out as bisexual and coming out as an erotica writer. Appeared October 99.
    • Several essays appeared in 1999 in Sandmutopian Guardian magazine, on S/M & Spirituality, on Self-Preservation and Accountability for Bottoms and Subs, and on the Difference Between Service, Submission, and Slavery.
    • “Vampire Chic” an essay in issue #7 (Sept 1998) of Blue
      magazine. Blue Blood used to be in glossy print, but nowadays is only online. The web site is at
  • “Chicken Rice Stew” a recipe in the benefit cookbook FOOD FOR
    LIFE, edited by Lawrence Schimel, published by Cleis Press. This is
    one of the most amusing, funnest cookbooks I’ve ever seen, with
    anecdotes and photos of various gay and lesbian celebrities and
    writers (Tony Kushner, Martina Navratilova, Pat Califia, etc…)
    Proceeds from the book got to organizations providing food to people
    with AIDS. I think I’ll be giving a lot of copies of it for the holidays.
  • “Why Smut Is Important to My Liberation (And Yours)” in SOJOURNER
    Women’s Forum, an essay on why writing about sex and sexuality and
    expressing eroticism through words is central to the tenets of
    feminism, not against them. November 1996, Vol. 22, #3. Read the complete essay on-line here
  • “Self-Tattoo How-To” in Blue Blood #6, appeared late summer
    1996. This is actually a how-to I wrote on doing your own jailhouse
    tattoo, with photos of me tattooing myself on a special occasion.
    In a future issue of Blue Blood there is an erotic photospread of me and corwin doing our thing, too.
  • “First” in Virgin Territory 2 edited by Shar Rednour. The second anthology of women’s sexual “firsts” of various kinds from their real lives. Mine is about the first really vivid fantasies I used to have about the first girl I had a tremendous crush on. It’s
    not fictional, but it is erotica. Came out in February 1997.
  • “A Ronin’s Journal” excerpt in The Servants Quarters zine
    Issue #3. The Servants Quarters is a zine dedicated to the fine art
    of submission and is produced by and for submissives. For more info,
    write to
  • “Bi Sex” essay in Black Sheets magazine Issue #7, special
    issue on bisexuality. Black Sheets is the hip and irreverent sex
    magazine put out by the same folks who compile and publish The Black
    Book annual “yellow pages” style directory of leather/SM goods and
    services. For more info, write to You can read the
    text of the essay online.
  • “The Bi Switch Revolution” Summer ’95 an essay in Bisexual Politics a collection of essays edited by Naomi Tucker for The
    Haworth Press. You can read the text of the essay on-line.
  • “Open Letter From a Masochist to a Feminist” an essay in Some Women, an anthology of essays by women into SM edited by Laura
    Antoniou from Masquerade Books. You can read the text of this essay here.
  • “Bisexuality and Polyamory” an essay in BiWomen the news
    letter of BBWN (Boston Bisexual Women’s Network).

    Baseball Articles by Cecilia Tan


    These are, of course, those published in places other than (or in addition to) my online baseball periodical, “Why I Like Baseball”.

    • Roster Preview — I write the Yankees 40 man roster preview every year for the YANKEES ANNUAL.
    • Starting in 2006, I began covering the Yankees beat for Gotham Baseball magazine. I write feature stories, columns for the online site, and the like. In 2007 I wrote a weekly team report, stuff like that.
    • “The Duel”–my piece on the Pedro/Clemens face off in 2000 on Memorial Day Weekend appeared in Harvey Frommer’s book on the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, “Red Sox vs. Yankees: The Great Rivalry” (Sports Publishing).
    • “Why I Never Played Ball”–essay appeared in the Dec. 21st 2002 issue of Slow Trains, the online literary journal. It’s the second baseball piece they have taken.
    • September 2002–“Fan At Work” baseball essay appeared in “Slow Trains” The title is a take-off on George Will’s “Men At Work.”
    • Article on the career of utility infielder Luis Sojo in Yankees Magazine appeared in May 2002. That’s “Yankees,” as in the baseball team’s official magazine, not “Yankee” which is some quaint New England publication.
    • April 2002– I have two articles in Yankees Magazine, one on 1962 World Series hero Ralph Terry, and one on spring training instructors.

    Short Stories

    I had to move the short story directory to its own page because it was getting so long. (Over 100 entries in the list.)


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