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Lots of my fiction is available to read free on the Internet here and there, and I post samples, chapters, and exclusive stories on my own site(s) from time to time. I’ve revamped this page for 2017 and beyond! Here are some to enjoy:
Online Serials

  • The Prince’s Boy
    Restored! This gay high fantasy BDSM serial originally ran 100 chapters on but was wiped out in a web server crash. The chapters are now being restored for free reading. Start from chapter one onCirclet’s site, on Wattpad, or at Juke Pop Serials.
  • (Gay.)

  • Daron’s Guitar Chronicles
    A serial begun in 2009 and still going strong 700+ chapters and 7+ years later, Daron’s Guitar Chronicles tells the story of a young guitar player struggling to make it in the mid-80s even as he struggles with being in the closet. Online at or Wattpad (Gay.)

Short Stories & Excerpts from Magic University

  • The Siren & The Sword, Sample:
    Prologue and Chapter One from the first book in the “magic university” series, an erotic, paranormal romance take on a Harry-Potter-esque college scenario. There’s a magical university hidden inside Harvard, and our hero, Kyle, arrives to find not only is magic real, everything he thought he knew about love, gender, and sexuality is in question, too. (Het, genderqueer, gay, bi.)

  • An erotic scene for halloween —
    I posted this excerpt from The Siren & the Sword (MU Book 1) to celebrate Halloween. It’s relatively non-spoilery. Click here. (Scene is het.)

  • “Lakeside Encounter”
    A full short story from the Spellbinding anthology, told by Kyle. Read it here or at Archive of Our Own. (Gay/bi.)

  • “Ignorance is Bliss”
    A full short story from the Spellbinding anthology, told by Frost. Read it here. (Gay.)

  • Excerpt from “Christmas Magic”
    The sequel novella has a preview sample: here.

Microfictions & Short-shorts

  • Point Man
    A complete microfiction, posted as a preview of the book The Circlet Treasure Chest of Erotic Microfiction. Read the full story. (Gay)

  • Her Lover is a Flame
    A complete microfiction, originally posted at, now viewable at Open Source Erotica or the Circlet LJ. (Het)

  • I Can See Your Point
    A knifeplay ficlet featuring Arshan, who is the main character from my BDSM space-opera novella Royal Treatment and one of the two main characters in Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords, and the mistress his father sends him to for training. (Heterosexual.)

  • Learning the Alphabet
    A short story I wrote in grad school that was eventually published in OTHER Magazine, edited by Charlie Jane Anders in 2003, and which I posted when the #whitewashedout hashtag was trending. Read the full story.

Romance Book Chapters & Excerpts

  • Slow Surrender, First Chapter (and a half):
    We meet our protagonists, Karina and James, and see the very beginning of the kinky game that binds them together and leaves Karina sore, sated, and soaked by the end of the sample. (Heterosexual.)

  • Mind Games, Sample:
    Chapter One from my erotic paranormal suspense novel, in which our heroine, Wren, hires a detective to help find her missing sister. Wren isn’t prepared to be as attracted to Derek as she is, though, and the feelings are mutual. (Heterosexual.)

  • Taking the Lead
    A very NSFW chapter and a half or so of this book, the first in the Secrets of a Rock Star series. (Het.)


  1. Hi,
    Remember Amelia and me? You stayed with us in Phila to watch a baseball game? We live in Tucson now.
    When I tried to read ‘The Prince’s Boy’ the page said ‘not found’. Where may I look?
    The Diamonds have gone to Pheonix, but if you are around Tucson or want to be, email us and we’ll send you phone number or call yours.

    1. Hi Bess!! Yes I remember you: I stayed with you in Tucson after the Women’s Baseball Marathon for a night. As I recall, I slept nearly the entire time which isn’t surprising given that I had just played in a 24-hour long baseball game…
      Unfortunately at the moment The Prince’s Boy is offline because had a major crash and we’re having to rebuild the site from scratch. Ouch. I’ll be trying to get it back online in the next month or two!

  2. I just finished reading “Slow Seduction” and your are a gift. I bought the book a few years ago and recently found it in my pile of books. I read slow for various reasons but I just about memroize a books. The book had plot and real characters which made it all gel. You are now on my favored author list along with other distinguished authors. I read by author more than any other reason.

  3. Read (listen) the first two struck by lightning series, but I can’t find the 3rd slow satisfaction. Wasn’t it done in audiobooks. I have more trouble reading because of migraines so I do audiobooks. I would love finish the ending. Not the first time I couldn’t finish an ending. Just wondering. Thanks.

    1. Caroline, I’m sad to say the publisher of Slow Satisfaction (Forever, Grand Central Publishing) sold the audio rights to the first two books to Tantor Media, but for some reason didn’t sell book 3, and Tantor decided not to do it. No other audio publisher will buy only book 3 of a series, and the publisher won’t release it to me to do myself! I kind of feel like I ought to just make a version that I give away free instead of selling it, because I know you’re not the only person in that boat!

  4. Hi Cecilia!
    My leather reading group is looking to read “Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords” for our next selection. Is there a free copy of this available already somewhere or is there a better place to locate it other than Amazon?

    1. Hi Amber! Sorry for the delay in my reply. For some reason the blog decided your comment could be spam and held it up in the moderation queue 😛

      I’ll email you about it!

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