Secrets of a Rock Star series

The brash lead singer, the brooding guitarist, the fun-loving drummer. Each member of The Rough, the hottest rock band in America, will get his own story.
The young, ambitious Hollywood heiress, her aspiring actress sister, the sister’s erotic confidante and dungeon expert. Each of these Hollywood goddesses will meet her match.
When the rich and famous come out to play, nothing is off-limits . . .

The books do not have to be read in order. Each is a complete novel on its own.
Published by Forever, the romance imprint of Grand Central Publishing/Hachette.


taking_the_lead_tame_200x300TAKING THE LEAD
Released: January 26, 2016
Paperback: $12.99 ISBN: 9781455533633
Ebook: $5.99 ISBN: 9781455533626

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“Veteran Tan kicks her Secrets of a Rock Star series off with a sultry start. With a satisfying plot and an engaging cast of characters, the only thing slowing readers down will be their refractory period.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Taking the Lead
Everyone knows Ricki Hamilton as the icy heiress living in a billion-dollar mansion, high up in the Hollywood Hills. But few realize that behind the gilded gates, Ricki is the mistress of LA’s most exclusive private club. A place where no fantasy is forbidden and no one goes unsatisfied-except for Ricki. If she had her way, she’d leave the business behind . . . until she meets the one man with the power to change her mind.
The hottest rock star in the world, Axel Hawke, has the requisite sexy look and bad-boy reputation. Yet even his biggest fans have no clue just how decadently dangerous he can be. From the moment he meets Ricki, he knows there is no other woman who will satisfy him. He can feel the heat hiding beneath her cool demeanor and he’s determined to stoke her flame.
Together Ricki and Axel indulge their every desire. The deeper they go, the more she craves. Submitting to Axel opens her eyes, and for the first time Ricki knows exactly what she wants. All she has to do is take it…
“Everyone knows Cecilia Tan is the queen of hot, but she’s also the queen of wit and angst and voice. Taking the Lead is a book that grabs you by the collar and gives you flirty-eyes. It will tell you, ‘Go sit, over there in the corner chair, and don’t get up until you’re done.’ You will do it-absolutely and happily-because Cecilia knows exactly what you want.”
—Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Bastard and Sweet Filthy Boy
“Cecilia Tan writes erotic romance the way it was meant to be written: full of emotion, intensity, and chemistry that’s so hot it burns the page. Taking the Lead is no exception; it’s deliciously sexy and utterly satisfying.”
—Tara Sue Me, New York Times bestselling author of The Submissive series
“An emotional whirlwind romance. Axel is as strong and sexy as readers expect in a rock-star hero without being an overly brooding jerk. The length he goes in order to win over emotionally closed-off Ricki will melt your heart.”
—RT Book Reviews
wild_licks_pb_cover_200x300WILD LICKS
Released: August 2, 2016
Paperback: $12.99 ISBN: 9781455533640
Ebook: $5.99 ISBN: 9781455533657

“Cecilia Tan’s second Secrets of a Rock Star novel starts off with a bang and doesn’t let up.”–RT Book Reviews
“Tan’s second Secrets of a Rock Star novel is a rock-and-roll love song to erotic romance readers and music fans. …This is an outstanding example of the erotic romance genre.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)
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German edition: Book Two: Fesselnde HarmonieAmazon | Bastei Lübbe | Google Books | B&N Nookstore
Gwen Hamilton wants to succeed at acting without using her family name: she wants to be judged on her own terms. But when an exercise in Method Acting leads her accidentally into the arms of Mal Kenneally, the rock star with a reputation for unusual sexual appetites, Gwen thinks maybe she’s found the ultimate test of her acting abilities. Or maybe she’s finally met the man who can see the real Gwen underneath the act.
Mal Kenneally has done his best to leave his aristocratic British family behind. The Rough, the rock band he started with his childhood friend Axel, is his family now. But will he be forced to choose between the brotherhood of the band and his growing obsession with Gwen Hamilton?
Mal and Gwen push each other’s limits, each convinced that one day they’ll go too far. But the farther they go, the more they discover that two can delve far deeper than one.
“Emotional angst, drama, and a seemingly impossible romance are just the tip of the iceberg for a couple whose dark erotic desires can either bring them together in the ultimate salvation or drive them apart forever.” –Heroes & Hearbreakers “Erotic Romance Best Bets, July 2016”
“This one is great for those of you looking for plenty of smoking hot consensual BDSM sex.” –Bustle, “Ten Romance Novels for Steamy Afternoons”
hard-rhythm-cover-200x300HARD RHYTHM
Released: January 31, 2017
Paperback: $12.99 ISBN: 9781455533671
Ebook: $5.99 ISBN: 9781455533664
Paperback & Ebook

Maddie Rofel has a sharp mind and a bad-girl body. After ten years in LA working jobs from clerk in a sex toy shop to exotic dancer she thinks she has seen and done it all. Once upon a time, bad boys were her catnip but now Maddie just wants to get keep everyone in line at her job as a hostess in Hollywood’s most exclusive secret dungeon, The Governor’s Club.
Chino Garcia is the drummer for the “hottest” rock band in the world, the blatantly kinky group known as The Rough. He’s been coming to The Governor’s Club every month for half a year but never seems to put the moves on any of the willing subs there.
That’s because the only one he’s interested in doesn’t seem to be a “willing sub” at all, Maddie herself.
HARD RHYTHM is the story of The Rough’s drummer, Chino Garcia, and Madison Rofel, the last woman hired by Cy Hamilton before he retired from running the secret BDSM club in the Hamilton mansion.
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