The Vanished Chronicles

An urban fantasy series by Cecilia Tan, published by Tor Books.
initiates_small_coverINITIATES OF THE BLOOD
Release Date: 2019, exact date TBD
Paperback ISBN: 9780765383129
$15.99 trade paper
First volume in a suspenseful erotic urban fantasy series from RT Book Reviews Career Achievement award-winner Cecilia Tan, full of secret cabals, romance, and sex magic!
Mira, a dom in New York City, is delighted when Clive, a one-time playmate, turns up at a BDSM party. When a fire breaks out, Mira frees Clive from captivity; they are rescued by a circle of magic-workers. Mira must accept that magic is real. Erotic play strengthens her and Clive’s bond and deepens their love for each other…a love they share freely with others in the Circle, save those who must hold themselves apart from the pleasures of the flesh. Mira’s idyll is shattered when the Circle is attacked by the Partisans of Fire, who want control over the Circle’s ancient knowledge.
Set in contemporary New York, Initiates of the Blood combines sex, blood magic, and romance into a stimulating, sensual, satisfying tale.
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(Book two title and release info still to come…)