Silk Threads

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If you’ve heard any of the three of us [Midori, Laura Antoniou, Cecilia Tan] talk about collaborating on a “secret project”… this is it!

SILK THREADS is a book we wrote together and we self-published via Kickstarter in January 2019.
A new bookstore and ebook edition was published in December 2019 via Riverdale Avenue Books. Now available!

Silk Threads cover
Silk Threads: Three Tales of Passionate Japan
by Laura Antoniou, Midori, and Cecilia Tan
$6.99 ebook: ISBN 978-1626015296
$16.99 paperback: ISBN 978-1626015302
$29.99 hardcover: ISBN 978-1626015340

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Bonds of Love purple novella coverThe Bonds of Love
by Cecilia Tan
$2.99 ebook
22,789 words
ISBN 978-1-626015-31-9

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Jiro‘s lineage once proudly served the nobility as samurai: protectors of royalty with a legacy of sword and rope. But though rich in tradition, in the modern age the family is penniless. And after cataclysmic events, Jiro has lost everything, including everyone he ever cared about and maybe even his mind. He is kept in a hospital amnesia ward, catatonic and unspeaking until a charity visit from the Crown Princess rouses him miraculously.

Ami is the sole heir of the Emperor, fresh out of Harvard and looking to both sow her wild oats and create real change for women in her role as a public figure. But her father and his head of security want her kept safe and sound: caged like a bird for her protection.
Ami will do anything to get out from under their control. Little does she know there are true dangers waiting for their chance to strike, a chance that comes when the princess slips away from her bodyguards and disappears in disguise into the underground world of sex clubs and rope bondage performers. Will the disguise be enough to keep her safe from the assassins on her trail? And what about this mysterious stranger, this Jiro, who seems fated to meet her again? What will she receive when she surrenders herself, bound and helpless, to his rope bondage: unbearable pleasure or ultimate pain?

What Is Silk Threads?

Silk Threads is a book of erotica and erotic romance which contains three interrelated novellas of fantastical Japan–historical past, magical present, cyberpunk future–by three master creators. It’s also our labor of love. Laura Antoniou writes in the feudal warrior past, Midori in the fabulist magical present, and Cecilia Tan in the cyberpunk future. All three of us, of course, are known for our writing on BDSM and sexuality, so a common thread of bondage as well as magic weaves through all three stories.

Focusing on women’s erotic power and desires, each story features individual quests for love, intimacy and the discovery of far-reaching potential within the central protagonists. From the legendary creatures of traditional Japanese fables to an atomic age embodiment of existential anxiety and into a cultural paradigm shift, magical silk weaves each generational story into an exploration of romantic cravings.

Why did you originally self-publish it via Kickstarter?

We danced the dance with some of the biggest romance and erotica publishers in existence, but in the end we decided we’d do a better job of staying true to the book and to our readers if we did it ourselves. So we chose to launch the book through Kickstarter. 576 backers pledged over $30,000 to the project!
The huge support from backers allowed us to commission artwork including not only the book cover by Stephanie Inagaki, but interior illustrations by Michael Manning, Leen Isabel, Autumn Sacura/Alexandra Gladysh, and Tower015/Trevor S. After the Kickstarter was fulfilled, we made a deal with Riverdale Avenue Books to publish a bookstore edition.

Silk Threads cover art on display

How can I help?

The best thing you can do, now that the Kickstarter is over, is spread the word about this fabulous book! We have no publicist, no media help, and most Internet advertisers will not even allow an erotic book to be advertised. So literally the only way to get the word out is through word of mouth. This book is for anyone who likes the following:

  • fantasy
  • science fiction
  • erotica
  • romance
  • Japan
  • samurai
  • cyberpunk
  • rope bondage
  • good fiction

The cover of the Kickstarter edition, with art by Stephanie Inagaki: