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Our Opinions Are Correct, 1/14/2021, “Has JK Rowling Destroyed Harry Potter Fandom?” — I go on the Hugo-award winning podcast of Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz to talk about the grief we’re going through in Harry Potter fandom now that the author has revealed herself to be transphobic.


American Sex Podcast, Episode 129 — hosted by Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg, the American Sex podcast always covers a lot of ground, and my conversation with them is no exception, as we go into old school nerdery like, how I conspired to throw one of the first BDSM play parties at a science fiction convention in the 1990s, and much much more.

2019, 8/27/2019, “10 Charismatic Romances About Rock Stars” — which includes Taking the Lead, the first in my Secrets of a Rock Star series.


Forbes, 2/10/17 “Fifty Shades of Green: How Fanfiction Went from Dirty Secret to Money Machine” by Hayley Cuccinello
–I’m extensively quoted in this article about how fanfic has made the jump to the big time and how romance, erotica, and women’s desires in fiction are largely ignored by the mainstream…even when they earn millions of dollars.
Ars Technica, 6/25/2017, “Coming Out…As a Slytherin”
My first person essay, published on Pride Day, about parallels I found between my own coming out as queer decades ago and the ways I had to overcome biases and assumptions to do so, and the very similar biases and assumptions I had to untangle in the world of Harry Potter fandom.


Annie’s Book Stop, author profile and interview, 8/1/2016
Romance Beat, 1/28/2016
USA Today, Happy Ever After, 1/26/2016 Interview by Joyce Lamb
Bawdy Bookworms, 1/26/2016, mostly talking about my book Taking the Lead


Jennifer Gordon interviewed me about writing both professional fiction and my fanfiction hobbyobsession at Minerva Magazine:
Gay Book Reviews, Interview, 11/1/2015
Joyfully Reviewed, interview, 9/16/2015, mostly about my book The Poet & the Prophecy
Characters on the Couch, 8/6/2015, my character Ziggy from Daron’s Guitar Chronicles is profiled by psychologist and writer Cecilia Dominic
Characters on the Couch, 7/9/2015, my character Timothy Frost from Magic University is profiled by psychologist and writer Cecilia Dominic
Interviewed by Elizabeth SaFleur, 4/17/2015
Interviewed by Gray Dixon, 1/23/2015
Interviewed by Silk Jones, 1/21/2015


Julia Rios and Shaun Duke interviewed me and Mary Anne Mohanraj for The Skiffy and Fanty Show, a podcast on science fiction:
Kerry Adrienne interviewed me on her blog:
“By writing erotic romance, I’ve gotten to dabble in a lot of genres. Paranormal, space opera, cyberpunk, high fantasy, even mystery. I’d like to write a historical but I know I’d get sucked into the research… would I ever finish writing the book?”
Pamela interviewed me for Badass Romance: (Jan. 31, 2014)
“The romances I attempted to read in the early 1980s put me off the genre so thoroughly I thought I would always be too feminist, too explicitly sexual, and too kinky for the romance genre to handle. And in fact that’s what I was told by publisher after publisher throughout the last 20 years.”
Audra North interviewed me for Wonk-o-mance: (Jan. 28, 2014)
“If James is trying to teach Karina anything it’s that it’s very important to love the WHOLE person you’re with, not just their submissive side or their dominant side.”
The Writer’s Life e-magazine, 9/2/2014, interview
Festivale Online Magazine, “The Usual Questions,” 8/31/2014
Harry Big Bang, 7/10/014, “Original Fiction Author Series,” an interview as a feature at a Harry Potter slash fanfic community, talking a lot about writing process
Interviewed by Laura Roberts, 8/28/2014
Interviewed by Ruthie Knox, 6/9/2014
Interviewed by Michael Ventrella, 5/4/2010


Jean Marie Ward interviewed me on video with writeup/transcript for Buzzy Magazine. Filmed at Balticon 2013:

“…Science fiction and fantasy, I felt, was the genre where there was room for me to exist. There’s room for me to write myself into the story, where I can write people like myself [as the norm] and not necessarily as others.”


Michael Ventrella interviewed me on his blog:
“The big presses are the chain restaurants. They’re Applebee’s and the Olive Garden and Budweiser. The small presses are that great little gourmet Italian restaurant in your neighborhood, and handcrafted microbrews.”, interview by Moonlight, mostly about vampires, 3/31/2010


Sensuous Sadie, Scene Profiles, 2/6/2004


Mary Anne Mohanraj interviewed me in Strange Horizons magazine:
“…For years and years I didn’t feel I had written anything worth finishing, or worth reading. I had learned the craft of writing, but I didn’t have anything to say. Until I started writing erotica, that is.”

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