Watch Point

This page is a placeholder for more information about WATCH POINT, my Christmas-themed gay Navy SEAL billionaire abduction romance, which will be out as part of Riptide Publishing’s 2017 charity bundle.

I don’t have direct buy links yet, but you can visit the Riptide holiday collections page here:

Our heroes:

Eric – an ex-Navy SEAL, Eric was kicked out of the Navy (along with the other three members of his Navy SEAL fire team) before “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed. He was only 22 at the time. He went to work for billionaire Aiden Milford as a bodyguard after that. Aiden’s industry is health care. He’s the type of slime who corners the market on a drug and then jacks up the price, who closes children’s hospitals because they aren’t profitable enough. He eventually screws Eric over badly and Eric, now 29, wants revenge.

Chase – Aiden’s son was raised extremely sheltered. Aiden is hugely homophobic and was afraid Chase would catch gay cooties, so he’s had him home-schooled and forbade him going to college. Now 22 years old, Chase has been allowed to attend culinary school classes if driven there and back by a bodyguard, but that’s it. What Aiden doesn’t know is that not only is Chase gay, he’s been sneaking out to meet guys via Grindr and other hookup apps.

What happens when Eric sets out to kidnap Chase to get back at Aiden? Angst and a whole lot of sizzling hot sex on cold nights on a rocky island in Maine.

I’ll be writing some entries on my research on Navy SEALs, islands in Maine and other settings, and what our heroes look like.