*Mind Games* audiobook out today on @Scribd ! Sexy paranormal suspense

Mind Games by Cecilia Tan depicted as ebook and paperback

Going live on Scribd today! An audio edition of (as well as ebook of…) my erotic paranormal romance/romantic suspense novel Mind Games. It was the first romance I wrote for Ravenous Romance back in the days of the digital romance gold rush around 2009. I got the rights back a while ago, and put out a self-published edition, but I hadn’t put it into audiobook format. Scribd bought the exclusive audio rights and you can listen to it right now!

If you’re on Scribd, you can access it for free as part of your subscription.

If you’re not on Scribd, they have a 30 day free trial going on right now. Basically it’s a subscription service ($10/month) similar to Kindle Unlimited that not only gives you access to a large library of free books including many from major publishers and bestsellers, they also have audiobooks as part of the deal, as well as major newspapers and magazines. It’s a great alternative to KU if you’re trying to fight the Amazon near-monopoly or boycotting Amazon (like I am).

You can read most of the first chapter on the Scribd page for the book:

When your stalker can enter your dreams, there’s nowhere to hide.

Ever since she foresaw the death of her parents, Wren Delacourt has suppressed her latent psychic abilities. Avoiding strong emotions, Wren leads a placid but lonely life until her quiet is shattered by her sister Abby going missing… and the private investigator searching for her.

Derek Chapman isn’t what Wren expects. He’s young, handsome, and surprisingly sensitive. Wren is attracted to him immediately, but fears that deepening any connection with Derek—emotional, spiritual, or sexual—will open the floodgates locked in her mind.

A mystery man appears in Wrens dreams, dealing pain and pleasure. Is Wren’s subconscious warning her away from Derek, or longing for him? When the search for Abby leads to a secret sex club, it seems fate is pulling Wren into Derek’s arms, whether she is ready or not.

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