Hogwarts Alumni Party at Arisia (i.e. Harry Potter party for grown-ups)

Guess what? I got a room in the party block at Arisia! So I will be throwing two parties. A Circlet Press book party on Friday night after the Circlet 20th Anniversary Extravaganza (panel with book giveaways, etc) 9:30p-1am, and then
Saturday night:
9pm – 1am Saturday January 14
Arisia SF Convention (Boston)
Westin Room 462
The Hogwarts Alumni Association and HPEF/Ascendio welcome you to a party for adult fans of Harry Potter. Those in Potteresque costumes may win door prizes! Members of all Houses as well as alumni of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are also welcome. Those not in houses will be sorted upon entry. Muggles may need the aid of a witch or wizard to enter. NO DUELING. (That means you, Gilderoy!)
I could use some volunteers to help me run the Hogwarts party. Can you bake cauldron cakes? Bring butterbeer? Donate door prizes? Make flyers and/or put them up around the con? Something I haven’t thought of? Please comment or email me at ravenna_c_tan @ yahoo.com!
We should have info available about Ascendio if you haven’t already been fully informed about the HPEF convention in Orlando this coming July. (https://hp2012.org for more info)
We *should* be in room 462, but check the party board/flyers just in case there are any last minute hotel moves…

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