NLA Writing Award Winners! (The Prince's Boy got honorable mention!)

Seriously, this one was just an honor to be nominated. I was up against some very good writers and some very fine books for this year’s NLA-I Writing Awards. I was concerned that perhaps the way The Prince’s Boy skirts non-consensuality and dubious consent might be a problem for some judges. But they saw fit to give it honorable mention. (And congrats to Jeff for winning!)
Laura Antoniou won a short story award, Mollena for essay, and tireless anthologist Rachel Kramer Bussel bagged both the win and the honorable mention in the anthology category. Gayle Rubin won the non-fiction book award.
Circlet Press is running a congratulations special for 50% off the ebooks of The Prince’s Boy to celebrate, both volumes 1 & 2 (catalog:, and of course the whole serial is still free to read on
In other news, the Kickstarter for Daron’s Guitar Chronicles is only about $550 from the goal with 10 days left! I’ll post more about that separately, but full deets here:
Here’s the full NLA-I press release:
(Columbus, OH) — National Leather Association: International, a leading organization for activists in the pansexual SM/leather community, announced the winners, for works published in 2011, of its annual awards for excellence in SM/leather/fetish writing at its Annual General Meeting at Tribal Fire in Oklahoma City, OK on May 6, 2012. The judges received a record number of nominations this year, and voting in most categories was quite close.
The winner of the John Preston Short Fiction Award is Laura Antoniou for “The Man with the Phoenix Tattoo,” which appeared in Tristan Taormino (ed.), Take Me There. The honorable mention for short story went to Jeff Mann for “Jeff and Sam: After the Concert,” which appeared in Shane Allison (ed.), Brief Encounters: 69 Hot Gay Shorts.
The winner of the Samois Anthology Award is Rachel Kramer Bussel, Surrender: Erotic Tales of Female Pleasure and Submission (Cleis). The honorable mention also went to Rachel Kramer Bussel for Best Bondage Erotic2012 (Cleis), which reprinted a number of great bondage stories.
The winner of the Pauline Reage Novel Award is Jeff Mann for his first novel, Fog: A Novel of Desire and Reprisal (Bear Bones Books). The honorable mention went to Cecilia Tan for The Prince’s Boy: Volumes 1 & 2 (Circlet).
The winner of the Cynthia Slater Non-fiction Article Award is Mollena Williams for “Tables Briefly Turned, ” which appeared in her blog at: The honorable mention went to Jack Fritscher for “Leather’s Burning Man: The History of the Folsom Street Fair, which appeared in the Bay Area Reporter.
The winner of the Geoff Mains Non-fiction Book Award is Gayle Rubin for Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader (Duke University Press). The honorable mention went to Jim Stewart for Folsom Street Blues: A Memoir of 1970s SoMa and Leatherfolk in Gay San Francisco (Palm Drive).
Nominations for the works published in 2012 will open later this year.

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