Help SLOW SURRENDER and get an erotic scene as a reward!

Slow Surrender CoverHelp Slow Surrender make it into the top 40 on the Kindle erotica bestseller list and I’ll reward you with an exclusive erotic scene between Karina and James!
Slow Seduction, the next book in the series, is slated for release in January 2014. I know that feels like a long time to wait, so I have been kicking around the idea of writing some special scenes to tide people over until then. But I didn’t just want to post them for anyone to read. I want them to be for the folks who will really love the characters.
Here’s how it works. I’ll email the special scene to ANYONE* who emails me a screen capture/photo of yourself recommending Slow Surrender to your friends by linking to either the Amazon page ( or the sample chapter on my site ( on any of the following sites:
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Tumblr
* Goodreads — write a review, or recommend it in a group!
* Livejournal
* Dreamwidth
* A Yahoo loop/mailing list
* Your own blog or site
* Another site I might not even know about yet! (Pinterest? Library Thing? A book discussion forum thread? Does anyone use G+?)
This special erotic scene will be between Karina and James. It’s not a spoiler for the next book. It will be, however, from James’s point of view.
Remember, it’s very important to send me a screencap or photo or it doesn’t count! (Don’t make me go hunting around through hundreds of posts and updates looking for the proof that may not be accessible to me.) Email to ctan.writer @ with your statement that you are 18 or older. (Note: you must EMAIL me your screencap, not message me on Facebook, not Twitter DM, not text, etc. or it does not count.)
On May 6th, I’ll email the special scene to everyone who emails me a screencap. However, if the book gets into the Top 40, I’ll also give you the option of receiving a special sneak peek at book 2, Slow Seduction!
You can see where the book is ranked by looking at its Amazon page where it will say what position it is in, and you can also look at the whole list (
Now, we don’t know for sure how many sales it takes to get a book to climb into the Top 40. I’ve heard that maybe reviews AND sales help things count toward the ranking. Slow Surrender got as high as #50 and since then has been hovering between #61 and #66. I realize this might be an impossible task, so I’ll make you all a deal, which is that if 50 or more recommendations are made, whether the book makes the Top 40 or not, I’ll still give you all the sneak peek of book 2. (Note that is 50 recommendations total, not 50 people, so if some of you recommend Slow Surrender in multiple places, it counts multiple times!)
Sound good? EVERYONE who recommends the book will get the James scene if you email me, and if the book either hits the top 40 on the Kindle Erotica list OR I get a total of 50 or more recommendations, everyone who made a recommendation will also get a sneak peek at Slow Seduction (bk 2).
If the book makes it all the way to the Top 20 on the Kindle Erotica list, I’ll write another scene for all of you! And if it hits the top 10, I’ll let you guys vote on whether you want to see more of book 2 or a third scene!
Any questions, leave a comment on my blog ( or contact me in email: ctan.writer at gmail dot com. Those are the two best ways to contact me!
*Note: You Must be 18 years of age or over! Don’t get me in trouble!

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