I went to BookExpo and met Grumpy Cat (photos)

My photos from my BookExpo America are compiled below the cut. Yes, I met the actual Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) and R2D2, and got a Smaug “The Hobbit” tote bag (because Harcourt/Houghton is on Tumblr and they had pre-announced what times they’d be giving them out!), and got a signed print of new Harry Potter art by Kazu Kibuishi. Yes, all the fannish things, because my professional obligations this BEA were small, so when I wasn’t in sessions on digital marketing or having meetings, I let my inner fangirl take over. 🙂
Speaking of fangirling, I also met Sylvia Day, who is awesome, not just for writing BARED TO YOU but also the great work she does with RWA.
I went to some BEA parties, too, including a reading at Happy Endings Lounge where Laura Antoniou, Molly Weatherfield, and DL King all read BDSM fiction and there were very delicious cocktails, a Kobo party where there were glowing things galore and an open bar(! classy!), and the BenBella Books 10th anniversary party at a bowling alley in Brooklyn. (I did not bowl—I don’t think my RSI would appreciate it.)

Grumpy Cat is real!! And had a longer line than Jim Carrey, no lie.

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Kazu Kibuishi autographing a print of Harry Potter and Hagrid in Diagon Alley.

The autographed print of the Harry Potter art. I cut off the autograph from the photo though, oops.

Sylvia Day autographing the audiobooks of ENTWINED WITH YOU

At the Twitter workshop, I tweeted about taking the workshop, and then later in the workshop my tweet about the workshop appeared on the screen. Soooo meta. But Twitter's recursive nature is part of the fun. 🙂

Doo dee doo (beep boop whistle), R2D2 cruising the show floor...

Delicious BDSM books and delicious cocktails at Happy Endings Lounge

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