Help Slow Surrender succeed and get a reward

This is it! SLOW SURRENDER launches today in paperback! Yeahhhh!!!
So, I started doing this when the ebook came out, and I’m going to keep it up until September 1st! Basically, help me spread the word about the book Slow Surrender, and I’ll reward you with a special erotic bonus scene from James’s point of view.
In fact, James wouldn’t settle for merely describing a sex scene. He wrote a whole treatise on the nature of sex and desire. It’s a nine-page ebook, “James on THE ART OF LOVE,” which I have as PDF, epub, or mobi.
How do you get the bonus ebook? Trade me a screencap or photo of any of the following by emailing it to ctan.writer @, and let me know which format you want (PDF/mobi/epub) and I’ll email you back the file!
All the following are valid in trade:
* screencap of your review of the book on Goodreads or Amazon
* screencap of your review or recommendation of the book to your friends on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, or any other social network, really!
* photo of the paperback on sale in your local bookstore (or Target!)
* photo of your copy of the paperback with your cat or other pet
* photo of yourself with the book wearing pearls! (either you or the book can be wearing the pearls…)
(Sample “book and pearls selfie”…)

But wait, there’s more! A SECOND special incentive…
If you already got the bonus ebook before, or if you’re really motivated, the SECOND bonus incentive is a sneak peak of Slow Seduction, which will be the second book in the trilogy. The sneak peek will include three full chapters of the Slow Seduction, which will be coming out in January 2014!
To get the Slow Seduction Sneak Peek AND James on “The Art of Love,” send me TWO screencaps or photos!
And then there’s a third incentive, which can be had for sending me THREE screencaps or photos: a sheet of limited edition Slow Surrender stickers! These are while supplies last, and if you like, I have pearl mardi-gras beads that include a white medallion you can stick the stickers to!

(yes, they’re MOO stickers…)
So have at it, folks! And thank you so much for helping me make the world a sexy and enjoyable place. 🙂
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