Geeky Kink Event Schedule

Right now here’s what it looks like my schedule is for the Geeky Kink NE event this weekend! (One of the major presenters at the convention had to cancel because of a family emergency, so these times for events are still subject to change.)
Saturday 2pm: Celebrity Munchausen
Saturday 8pm 5pm: The Patented Cecilia Tan Erotic SF/F Reading
Saturday: 10:45pm: Slytherin Hazing Session
Please bring your wands and come dressed Hogwartian if you can!
Sunday: 12:15 11:15am: Circlet Press 21st anniversary Bingo Game
(There will be prizes!)
Among other fun events taking place during the convention, there’s a Cosplay in Character Meetup, a clothing/gear/accessories swap, Strip Magic the Gathering (instead of poker), cotton candy bondage, and much more. This is going to be fun.

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