The Prince's Boy: 32

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Part 32: Jorin
When next I woke, I found Kan lying next to me, propped up on one elbow, as if he had been watching me sleep.
Much like Kenet used to. And will again! I told myself, but at that moment he felt very far away. And who knew if Seroi had somehow changed him by now?
These thoughts must have shown on my face. Kan stroked my hair in sympathy. “You’re not alone anymore,” he said. “You’re a Night Rider now.”
“Kenet is alone,” I said. “His only ally is his childhood guard, but even he cannot keep him safe from the Lord High Mage. I fear for him.” Judging by the light coming through the tent’s canvas, the sun would soon be rising. “Seroi was training him for his coming of age ceremony. I fear he has dark designs on the prince.”
Kan’s eyebrows knitted. “Tell me what you know.”

I told him what I could. That Kenet was under some kind of magical compulsion not to tell anyone, but that he was able to confirm or deny my guesses. That I knew Seroi milked him and that after their practice, Kenet was… different. “I think it was making him ill. His skin looked ashen and his milk…” Could I say it?
“Did you taste his milk, Jorin?”
I nodded. “And he mine. But we never… yesterday was my first time.”
“So you said,” Kan reminded me. “What did his milk taste like?”
“Normally, sweet. But after he had been to see Seroi, bitter. Almost burnt.”
Kan’s expression darkened. “And when was this coming of age ceremony to be?”
“Midsummer night,” I said. “Tell me what you know about it.”
Kan shook his head. “For me to tell you what I know about the Night Arts will take considerably longer than the time we have available,” he said.
“Is Kenet in danger?”
“Yes, but you already knew that. And I do not know enough to do more than guess at exactly what Seroi had in mind. But even you, with what little you know of the Night Arts yourself now, can make a guess.”
Yesterday six Night Riders had planted their seed in me. I was bound to them now. “He means to bind the prince to him.”
“I believe so, yes. By being the first to plant his flag in fertile ground, so to speak, Seroi can make a claim that subsequent invaders cannot.” He shook his head. “I want to stop it happening as much as you do. With Kenet in his control, Seroi would be even more of a force to reckon with than he is now.”
“He already has the king wrapped around his finger,” I said.
But Kan shook his head. “But he does not control him the way he would if Kenet were bound to him with Night Magic. He manipulates Korl the King other ways, the usual ways, with fearmongering and deceit and flattery and shows of might at the proper times.”
I looked up at him. “Kan.”
“Yes, Weltskin?”
“Does the first… always have…” What were the words I was searching for? My voice shook a little. “Can you… control me?”
His face softened. “Ah, I see what you are thinking.” He ran his thumb gently over my lips. “The first… always has a special bond, yes. But no, Weltskin, I cannot control you. Not with magic, anyway.” He leaned down and kissed me and I felt a warmth and tenderness I had never felt before, except with Kenet. But this was different, too. “I didn’t intend to be the first,” he reminded me. “I thought you’d bond like a brother to Pietri and be good for each other… Ah, damn, I wasn’t supposed to tell you who it was. Oh, you’d have figured it out soon enough, I’m sure. After he got overeager, though, I thought it best to do it myself, rather than it be one of the men who were less charitably inclined toward you.”
“But if they don’t control me…?”
“Jorin,” he said. “Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression you found me likable.”
“I do,” I admitted.
“And I thought you’d prefer to be more strongly bonded with someone you liked.” He slipped his breeches down to his knees and revealed a ruddy erection, curved back toward his belly, his balls dusted with light-colored hair.
I did not hesitate to slip my hand around it. “All well and good,” I said. “But don’t tell me it was all altruism.”
“I have no reason to lie to you,” he said, thrusting into my hand. “I wanted you for a lover. It seemed likely I would have you anyway, regardless who went first, but I cannot deny being your first… makes me hard every time I think of it.”
As he said it and I felt the hard flesh in my hand twitch, I felt an answering tug inside me. Magic? Or just arousal? I needed to know who was in control, though. “And are we lovers now, Kan?”
“If you agree to it and only if you agree to it,” he said, face sober despite my stroking him. “Willingly. And not just willingly, but wholeheartedly.”
I slid his breeches off him completely and then straddled him, so that our cocks touched. “I will willingly be your lover, Kan,” I said. “But you cannot have my whole heart. Kenet has that.” I found my fists balled with determination. “I… I will be Kenet’s first. Not Seroi. I must.
He just nodded. “I figured as much. Very well, Jorin Weltskin. Your heart belongs to another, but at this moment, your body is yearning for me. I would gladly satisfy that need.”
“You’re my lover now,” I said, rolling onto my back and pulling him with me like a wrestling partner. “It’s your responsibility to do so.”
“Indeed, I agree,” he said, reaching for something I could not see. He slipped a hand between us then, between my legs, and the grease felt cool on my hole. “You’re a bit inflamed from yesterday…”
“Will it hurt again?” I could not help but ask, even as the desire to have him in me flared inside me.
He kissed me before answering. “No, not like that again, and I apologize for that. If the circumstances had been different, I might’ve prepared you longer, perhaps lessening the pain. Today, I imagine it’s mostly just that you’re sore from all the penetration.”
The grease he used felt as if it cooled the sore flesh, though, and by the time he pressed his cock inward, the only thing I felt was desire. I groaned deeply as he filled me, pulling him in close. His mouth went to my neck, drawing another groan out as he suckled while he pushed into me. He took his time, moving more slowly than any of them had the day before.
It felt good. Lightning strike me if I lie; I felt a desire like none I had known before, and it was to take him deeper and deeper. I made sounds I had never before made.
“Is this… is this what it feels like for a maid?” I asked as he settled into a steady rhythm.
“I’ve never been a maid,” he said, “so I couldn’t say. The maids tell me it feels very, very good, though.”
I nodded. “Yes, yes it does.”
“You come first this time.” He stroked me until I spilled, then followed me a few seconds later, fucking me so hard the sound of our bodies slapping together might have easily woken the others. No one complained however, and within moments I felt myself drifting back to sleep, Kan still buried deep inside me.

(Continued in Chapter 33!)

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