Erotica + Romance

I am the guest blogger today over at Love Romance Passion! I wrote an article about the difference between erotica and romance, and how as the readership has changed to be more sexually active and sex-savvy, romance as a whole has had to get more erotic.
Being all Ravenclaw like I am, I couldn’t just express my opinion… I ended up quoting the US Census Bureau, USA TODAY, romance veteran Bertrice Small, a book from Cambridge University Press…
A snippet of what I said:
“We might make fun of the old style of marketing, but there is no denying that whatever language is used, romances have always been about passion as well as love. And just as fewer and fewer women would find a chaste kiss to be satisfying after a romantic dinner out, now they want the same desires reflected in their favorite fiction.”
“More sex scenes do not necessarily make a “hotter” book, the way more salt and pepper doesn’t automatically make a meal taste better. What is most arousing is when the sex is convincing, when it makes sense with the characters and when it follows a logical progression through their emotional lives.”
Read the whole article here:

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