Wheeee!!! Rose and Bay Awards announced!

WE WON! Yes, Daron’s Guitar Chronicles has won the 2010 Rose and Bay Award for crowdfunded fiction, and I say WE won because it’s not just me but the community of readers who voted for the project and who are a part of it who won.
I’m humbled to realize that means DGC outpaced some much better known projects (like Shadow Unit) and some more critically lauded writers than me who are also no slouches when it comes to social networking.
The support means a lot to me, and by support here I mean your enthusiasm for the project. Love and validation are more important to my muse than money (although money is nice, too).
There’s lots more to come in the Chronicles. The tension between Daron and Ziggy is just starting to ratchet up. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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