Print Editions of Magic U, Mind Games, & more!

Super Awesome News!
So it looks like maybe this is a perfect marriage: ebook publisher Ravenous Romance and print book publisher of non-fiction occult books Red Wheel/Weiser are getting together, and they are hatching a new imprint called Red Silk Editions.
Red Wheel/Weiser is one of the leading publishers of books on tarot, occult, New Age, and pagan non-fiction, but they have heard that romance is big, and paranormal romance in particular seems like a keen fit for their audience. They’ve bought the print rights to a package of Ravenous Romance paranormal ebooks and plan to bring them to bookstores starting in June 2010 at a rate of two per month.
Among the books that will be hitting shelves as Red Silk Edition are four of mine. Bites of Passion, one of the erotic vampire anthologies I edited, will be among the first. Mind Games, the paranormal psychic thriller I wrote will be in there, too.
And, in what is probably the best fit for the Red Wheel/Weiser audience of all, Magic University will be coming, as well! I don’t have a schedule from them yet, but if they stick to the two books a month plan, then we’ll probably see The Siren and the Sword in Fall 2010 and maybe book two in spring 2011?
Ravenous posted a press release about the deal today at their blog. Angela Cameron, Isabel Roman, and Rhonda Leigh Jones also have books slated for Red Silk Editions.
This is, to say the least, really really exciting news. I love ebooks and the online communities… but the majority of book readers and buyers are still shopping in brick and mortar stores, and so the chance to have those editions too is awesome.
Next question… will my mom, who does read a lot of Nora Roberts, like them?

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